Do you think the "Foundation" Course once required in college are needed back for a more rounded student?

Posted by: ramm55

Philosophy,diversity, religion, math, science, english, psychology....

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Yes, it is a good foundation to build upon

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No, college is just a major for get that other stuff

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Gee, ugh I dunno' does that mean sports too upr derp?

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-08-21T09:59:57.0443634Z
Colleges need to just get back to the educational industry and stop being a set of corporations exploiting individuals wanting an education as well as completely using all of those athletes playing in AAA sports. How can educational institutions morally allow teenagers with 5th grade reading and writing levels to attend college.....A state university....And with a full ride? We all know they aren't passing those classes, you don't go from Thomas the Tank Engine and Clifford the Big Red Dog to Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein in 3 months.

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