Do you think the NBA and players overreacted to Sterling's comments?

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"Whoa?! An 80 year old said something racist? In private?! Burn him at the stake!! Our intolerance for bigotry is the only acceptable bigotry? " -some self-righteous hipster People need to calm down and realize that some people just don't like eac... h other   more
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This guy knew what he said and should be reprimanded. I can't believe that some people are even accepting his behavior. Racism is a horrible crime against humanity and we should never be judged for something we're born with, and for something that h... as no way effect on who we are as peopl   more
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I really don't know

I haven't even read his comments
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Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-29T20:22:43.7381060-05:00
People overreact at everything now. We all subconsciously judge everyone, so why is it not allowed to be said out-loud. He may have been 'mean', but his comments were not hurting anyone. Those were his own opinions, and he should not be penalized for his private conversations.
Tyler5362 says2014-04-29T20:29:55.9441759-05:00
So, Shadow-Dragon, are you racist?
discomfiting says2014-04-29T20:40:15.7789759-05:00
2.5 million dollar fine? Banned for life? 2.5 million dollars just for being old, stupid and ignorant bigot? Come on. I think that's kind of excessive. That's like somebody being fined 2.5 million dollars for being sexist. "Banned for life"? Seriously? He's 80 years old. He doesn't have much of a life left. Yes there should be something seriously done about it but i think their punishment is wrong.
ford_prefect says2014-04-29T20:54:06.7985060-05:00
The problem isn't that he was racist in private. The problem is that he said and believes these things while being the "owner" of a franchise that employs primarily black players in a primarily black league. First, think about the connotations of that word, especially in the context of these power dynamics. Then, realize that he said he didn't want his girlfriend bringing in black people to "his" games. That would be like if a prominent producer of Broadway plays said that he didn't want somebody bringing gays to his shows. Pretty much everyone in the industry would have a problem with that, and I think this hypothetical producer would have a hard time convincing actors and directors to work with him in the future. Ultimately, Sterling does have the right to say and believe whatever he wants. However, he is a member of a league that has rules, and one of these rules is that the Commissioner and other owners can fine members of that league when they deem it appropriate. Since Sterling demonstrated that he stands for beliefs that everyone in his league finds despicable, they fined him and kicked him out of their club. No overreaction here.
Tyler5362 says2014-04-29T21:00:32.5503529-05:00
White people suck ( I am white ). I am ashamed by how ignorant my people are.
Venusara says2014-04-29T21:07:09.3101060-05:00
@Shadow, you say people overreact "now" as if judgement is a new human behavior? Sterling should be grateful he's just getting a light pat on the wrist by society. Back in the olden days he would be ostracized into the wasteland or fed to the wild dogs.
Cat_Lover says2014-04-29T21:23:32.5607452-05:00
Tyler, white people don't suck
Venusara says2014-04-29T21:36:24.5124655-05:00
@ford_prefect I think racism in private IS a problem. Don't you??
donald.keller says2014-04-29T21:43:51.7649060-05:00
@Ford: He can believe what ever he wants. It's no different than him saying it... He shouldn't be fired for what he believes in. If he fired black people for being black, and refused them entrance into the games, sure... But he didn't. Firing someone and ruining their life + a $2.5 million ban because of what they believe is intolerance in it's primal form. You're worse than he is, because at least he didn't act upon his intolerance.
Venusara says2014-04-29T21:52:43.4608998-05:00
@Donald---do you honestly believe that people are never fired for their beliefs?? Or is it only the white male billionaires that get a pass?
Juan_Pablo says2014-04-29T21:59:43.9441914-05:00
Well, technically the NBA does have the authority to impose punishments on players, managers, team owners whenever behavior is perceived to be damaging to the sport or to the business. So the NBA CAN impose fines on both team players and owners for such public racist views--and it can also ban them from the game. It's happened before to players and it can certainly happen to team owners, as is evidenced here. Listen, I hope Sterling actually learns from this painful experience and apologizes for what he said, that way he can move on with his life. But he did the crime and he should be expected to do the time.
donald.keller says2014-04-29T22:00:22.2089060-05:00
@Van: No one should be fired. Do not confuse "people ARE fired" for "people SHOULD be fired." No one should be fired for their beliefs. That is prime intolerance.
Venusara says2014-04-29T22:07:00.8045060-05:00
@Donald, are you talking about how people should not be fired for intolerance of intolerance? By God, where is the free market in all of this? The free market dictates how we treat one another, no? The free markets tells us that we SHOULD fire those who go against our God given morals?
donald.keller says2014-04-29T22:16:57.2708000-05:00
@Ven: Should not be fired for intolerance of intolerance? Aren't you even listening to what I'm saying? People should not be fired for saying something in private. It's not the NBA's business. Free Market is fine, I support the Free Market... But this isn't a free market thing. As a business owner, you can fire someone for saying something racist at work... Your business policy can not (or should not) impede on their personal life, and what they do or say in their own private time.
donald.keller says2014-04-29T22:22:15.0428000-05:00
Sterling said something racist in private. What he said or believes is NOT the NBA's business, and it's not our business. How does firing someone and fining them for what they believe or said suppose to equal tolerance? The NBA is worse than Sterling... At least Sterling didn't actually practice intolerance despite his beliefs.
Venusara says2014-04-29T22:28:31.3525652-05:00
@Donald sorry but when you are making millions of dollars off of a public image then you need to maintain that public image at all costs lest you stand to lose all your petty play money. Throwing a ball down a field only gets you a little bit of $$, public image gets you the rest.
discomfiting says2014-04-30T11:28:07.1060017-05:00
"White people suck ( I am white ). I am ashamed by how ignorant my people are." lol so hard
guntherstauffenberg says2014-04-30T11:50:50.0199321-05:00
And he was telling this to who? His black mistress. I guess him having affairs was okay , too?
el_em_en_oh says2014-04-30T14:06:00.9129899-05:00
An 80 year old man said something SOMEWHAT racist... Big freaking whoop. Get a life people. And those of you (white people) that are "ashamed of your race"... Get lives, please, and quit with the 'feeling guilty for slavery' thing. The last time that ruse was pulled on the U.S. people, we ended up with a black man in the WH (because you were all guilted into voting for him). And see what happens? You gave him the country, and our credit rating IMMEDIATELY went into the $hitter. Good job white, guilty, ignorant, democrats! But back to the topic at hand... An 80 y/o white guy said something semi-racist to his half-black girlfriend. Is it just me, or does something sound not quite right with that??? I don't think he's a racist. I think he SAID something that could be considered racist, but isn't a racist himself. Like me saying that I think that black people are better at basketball that white people. Racist, or not racist? NBA: 70% black, 30% white. USA: 88% white/other, 12% black. Fair to say that blacks are better at basketball that whites? But I'm not a racist... I just SAID something semi-racist. See the difference?
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-03T15:47:00.4570345-05:00
@Tyler , No I am not racist. I'm just saying that we should not be taking his comments, which were not public or aimed at anyone in person, and penalizing him for them. Secondly, those were PRIVATE comments. All this arguing about the NSA being unconstitutional, and now it is allowed when people want to tap into his conversations. It is hypocritical. People complain that their conversations should be private, and now they are allowing his conversations to be publicized?! I am not a racist, but I do not agree with how this situation was handled.
JDuB says2014-05-04T21:06:18.8325919-05:00
I have to side yes. After debating this with friends we came to the conclusion that what he said shouldn't be the issue at hand. What should is how we as society are graying our responses and punishments between thoughts and actions. This man didn't take any action other than thinking and saying something. And if somebody tells me that him saying something counts as an action, that's punishable by fines and barring, then I would like to remind such people that he didn't bar black people from games, he hasn't, assumingly, refused to buy a service from a black business, he didn't burn a cross on somebody's lawn, or turn his hounds and hoses on his crowd, or took slaves or do any physical ACTION. Everything may be relative but people now are choosing to become too sensitive and react to thoughts and words more than actual actions and this concerns me.
Ozmoses says2018-09-02T01:29:54.0975618Z
Considering he owned a team that at the time had all black players with the exception of J. J. I'd say firing him was just. He was clearly in the wrong association if he honestly felt that way. Also considering his peers and director voted his actions unacceptable and wanted him out for it. NBA is all about image. And EVERYONE gets punished if they violate that image in any way.

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