Do you think the US government is capable of mind control?

Posted by: OutsideYourBox

  • Yes

  • No

75% 9 votes
25% 3 votes
  • If Hitler used his speeches as a form of manipulation since he was a great public speaker than I would be possible that the government can too.

  • Depends what you mean by mind control. You can certainly be manipulated to have certain perspectives or to conform to certain rules that effect your behaviours. Soaps on TV alone effct the way people behave towards each other.

  • Having witnessed Obama's election and re-election, I can see some merit in it.

  • Just in the form of language and media manipulation. If we're talking thought control rays that can be deflected only by aluminum foil then that would be a "NO."

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penguin558 says2014-11-23T17:04:23.5416953-06:00
If you hate on my comment ^ than why did you even go on this website?
OutsideYourBox says2014-11-23T17:17:41.1277812-06:00
atheist-eo says2014-11-23T17:55:29.9251185-06:00

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