Do you think there has been enough effort done to save our wildlife?

Posted by: Bookworm14Cats

If you can, do post in your opinions based on your answer. :)

  • Definitely.

  • Not at all.

9% 1 votes
91% 10 votes
  • Slanted poll. No one can vote that enough has been done. Perhaps if you worded it differently.

  • We have like 100 nuclear reactors, people dump their trash all over, not enough people recycle, not enough people perverse water and people recklessly hunt animals to extinction.

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Adaptable says2014-04-21T07:01:12.4354781-05:00
Part of it has to do with technology and man's advancement in society. What I am trying to say is, the way things are today, they make it to where there can't be no efficient work in the wild life environment. What could they do to fix this? Create more jobs that have to do with maintaining and preserving wildlife. Perhaps there is already plenty of college degree jobs, but there isn't hardly any low wage jobs when concerning the wildlife environment.
Formerland1 says2014-06-10T21:54:04.0904034-05:00
We've done enough which is none wildlife will adapt its called evolution protecting endangered species is stagnation and we've been stagnating for too long

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