Do you think those who experience discontent with the sex and/or gender they were assigned at birth have a mental disorder?

Posted by: PetersSmith

IE someone who says something like "I'm a man/woman trapped in a woman's/man's body".

  • Yes, it is gender identity disorder. Evidence suggests that people who identify with a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth may do so not just due to psychological or behavioral causes, but also biological ones related to their genetics, the makeup of their brains, or prenatal exposure to hormones.

  • No, we all know the DSM changes and even now it's gender dysphoria. Many researchers support declassification of GID because they say the diagnosis pathologizes gender variance, reinforces the binary model of gender, and can result in stigmatization of transgender individuals.

55% 11 votes
45% 9 votes
  • Yes. Nature makes it clear, you are born with male parts or female parts. That is your gender. When you decide that these physical traits don't mean anything anymore, then it opens up a floodgate of issues. What is to stop me from saying I am an elderly black man? It is a very slippery slope and not natural at all.

  • Although it is technically a disorder, I find absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  • Yes, it is a disorder. They need mental help. The proof is in the pudding. Transgender people still have a suicide rate of around 40% AFTER they have gender reassignment surgery. This shows that the cause of their mental instability, is not rooted in a conflict between how they look on the outside vs how they feel inside since they still kill themselves after they look like they feel inside. This disconnect is a mental issue. They need actual mental help and we are not giving it to them. Instead we are celebrating them as heroes for facing adversity, playing along with their delusions, allowing them to have their genitals surgically mutilated, and then having them kill themselves anyway.

  • XX = Female XY = Male It's basic biology. Gender is not a spectrum, and it never will be in reality. Gender is a natural construct, and nature cannot be changed. Those who truly believe that is isn't, and can change their gender, have some kind of a disorder.

  • Biologically you are a male or a female. There's no changing it. Of course a few may feel like the other sex but that's completely unnatural.

  • It's not a disorder when being gay is an evolutionary advantage.

    Posted by: reece
  • What is a disorder anyway? Not in order? Not like they were "supposed" to be? As far as I can see they usually seem quite functional but suffer a lot of depression because of stigma, calling them crazy doesn't help, perhaps change the terminology

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Reeseroni says2015-05-30T21:44:31.5304996-05:00
I am going to go by the book here, Mental disorders refer to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. If this feeling causes you to: A. Have an unhappy or confused mood towards your gender B. Makes you think that you were born the wrong gender. C. Makes you want to behave like the opposite sex. Then the answer is yes, it is a mental disorder BY DEFINITION.
PetersSmith says2015-05-30T21:45:45.6566932-05:00
Reeseroni: It's about what you think and not what is. Homosexuality used to be classified as a disorder.
Reeseroni says2015-05-30T22:11:36.0522150-05:00
I understand. I tend to go by the book on things like this where I lie to close to the line to decide. Homosexuality may be a disorder by the book as well, but there aren't medications to change who a person is attracted to.
PetersSmith says2015-05-30T22:12:36.2536975-05:00
Reeseroni: Homosexuality is no longer considered a disorder by the DSM.
Reeseroni says2015-05-30T22:17:05.0970902-05:00
PetersSmith, I know but thanks.
reece says2015-05-30T22:58:35.7713761-05:00
It's an advantage for females anyway.
Deuterium says2015-05-31T00:11:36.0635443-05:00
Doctorcsss, you are talking about ovaries and testicles, this is more about the psychosocial aspects than anything else.
briantheliberal says2015-05-31T06:12:42.7931319-05:00
It's no longer classified as a mental disorder.

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