Do you think video games cause violent behavior?

Posted by: cassandrarb

  • Yes.

  • No.

9% 9 votes
91% 90 votes
  • No, it is not a scientific fact. Only people with severe psychological problems are affected by video games to commit violent acts. I am so sick of the ignorance against video games. If anything they've made me LESS violent. It's a healthy way of relieving stress.

  • i agree, they help me relieve stress. It will destroy those who are psychologically damaged, but probably no effect on normal sane people.

    Posted by: yay842
  • About 75% of people in America play video games. Less than 1% of people in america commit violent crimes.

  • In a psychological view, people with severe mental illness MAY be affected by games. However, it truly depends on how absorbed they are into the game. If they are a huge gamer, and had mental issues, MAYBE. But sometimes even normal people can get this way. I say it just depends on how addicted you are to it.

  • Time after time people will blame school shooters on violent music, violent games, different clothes/crowds and if it's not that then it's them blaming it on a violent Movies or stephen king books or something else. Stop using an escape goat, people who did these terrible things had mental illnesses. Just because one person out of the millions who play games snaps, doesn't mean it's the game to blame.

  • No it does not games are games

  • Just like they blamed movies before them, Video games DO NOT cause violent behavior in real life, PEOPLE do.

  • because only a retarded child would think to do something that they did in a video game ever since I was little I liked video games because I enjoyed looking at it as art.(sadly kids today are retarded and don't know a quality game(like half life 2) or some retarded game (like COD or ios games)

  • NO

  • There are no scientific facts linking video games to violence, just insane parents.

  • Its idiotic to think that video games cause violence. If so, please tell me what video game we have been playing for the past 10,000 years?

  • No if it were true, we'd all be shooting helicopters out of the sky.

  • NO

  • Only people with schizophrenia would confuse video games with real life (and no, it is not offensive, look up the definition of schizophrenia). Plus, we need to consider ALL video games (in other words, tell me that Brain Training causes violent acts).

  • Video games are a good way to relieve stress, remember, not all games are rated "M." I personally have a love a good brawl with friends on games like PS All Stars, Injustice, and Dragonball games whenever I get stressed or are angry about something. Now, games like Call of Duty and GTA are another story. It's really up to how mature a person is and whether or not they can comprehend that it's all a work of fiction, and is not meant to be emulated or copied in real life. So if you are an intelligent individual who has a firm grasp on reality, then no, games do not cause bad behavior. Besides, before we know it, something new will take gaming's place as the "bad thing."

  • No it is the person themselves that are violent not the video game itself.

  • As I've said many times before, anyone who says that they do probably has never played video games. If something like a simple FPS game is going to make you want to shoot people, then you probably have a mental disorder already. People also have said that certain bands and certain TV shows can make a child violent, yet they never seem to think that maybe it's a problem with the child's brain and not the thing they are watching or playing? There are many that may have never been exposed to violent games, shows, or songs and have been babied all their lives that will still become homicidal, just because of a chemical imbalance in their brains. Video games actually can relieve stress, even the violent ones (unless you have a problem with rage on certain games, but even then it's unlikely to make you want to literally kill someone). How about you actually play video games before you make stupid claims about how they cause violence?

  • I see violent video games as a release for people who might have anger issues, if thats taken away, they might bring their temper to people in the real world instead of video game characters

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Tulbakra says2013-09-13T23:13:12.3366575-05:00
Iannan13, not true at all. School shootings have been going on forever. You realized school shootings started when the media grew, which was at the same time as violent video games.
Geckofrog7 says2013-09-14T16:01:14.1901346-05:00
Exactly. In fact, the number of reported school shootings went DOWN after video games became popular.
Rahsmoove says2013-12-22T01:46:00.4247548-06:00
Yes, and not to mention youth crime went down.

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