Do you think we find a cure for cancer within the next 25 years?

Posted by: sara_ann_dee

  • No

  • Yes!

58% 7 votes
42% 5 votes
  • Unfortunately, while we may find cures for some types of cancer, there is simply too many kinds to cure it as a whole. To find a cure for all the types of cancer will probably take a long time - we might as well start somewhere though.

  • There is no such thing as a single "cure for cancer". The idea of it that they are selling people is nothing but a play on semantics. There will never be a single cancer cure because cancer refers to a family of more than 100 different diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth. These diseases arise from numerous causes, such as ionizing radiation, chemicals or even viruses. Different cancers call for different treatments.

  • There is some progress for patience with cancer but unfortunately I do not think we have that type of technology to find a cure for every single cancer type

  • It may happen, but if we ever find a cure for cancer, I think I'll be long dead and I'm only 15. Cancer is caused when cells aren't doing as told, so I think all we do is kill those extra cells, but you don't kill the cells good for you. I think if there were a cure found, with current research. it won't happen anytime soon.

  • People aren't trying as hard as they should. Hospitals, doctors, and medical scientists will overlook evidence that they've found for one thing: money. It's a simple concept: Curing doesn't make much money, while healing does. I've known two cancer patients: my grandmother and my cousin. They could've told you how draining the treatment is, and they would've both rather had a cure than so much treatment. Not because of the pain, or the fact that it doesn't work. They wanted a cure because of the financial toll they were putting their family through.

  • no but I hope so

  • Some of them. Each type of cancer is unique and requires a unique cure.

  • We have multiple cures for cancer, but they are often suppressed or overlooked.

    Posted by: benhos
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PetersSmith says2015-07-18T20:56:08.2646055-05:00
It might turn into an I Am Legend thing though...
sara_ann_dee says2015-07-18T21:00:29.8391304-05:00
Possibly so @peterssmith. All we can do is hope for the best ;)
OpinionPersom121 says2015-07-19T00:13:27.8328504-05:00
That's a idiotic idea
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-19T03:00:53.6916855-05:00
@sara_ann_dee What TYPE of cancer are you referring to? We already have cures of some types of cancer and are highly successful at curing the patient and providing a 100% clean rating for the remainder of the patients life. In fact, my wife was found to have a very rare form of cancer of the appendix; it's so rare that none of the doctors she saw have ever seen or even found documented cases of patients her age or even close having it. She is cured and 100% clean still after 4 years.
Haroush says2015-07-19T08:58:59.8565017-05:00
We already have cures for cancer.. It's just medical institutions don't see them as profitable. Just like the NMHI doesn't see behavioral therapy as profitable as medicinal therapy.
benhos says2015-07-19T15:47:47.0757793-05:00
We have multiple cancer cures. But, they are oppressed because the chemotherapy treatment (Which doesn't treat it, with chemo you are guaranteed death or a relapse) brings in almost $200 billion a year. It's sad but true.

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