Do you think we should legalize drugs?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I dont think we should but if someone could give me good fact based evidence i might change my mind

31 Total Votes

Yes we should it would cut the war on drugs

19 votes

No it will only create more addicts

12 votes
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Formerland1 says2014-07-02T20:21:41.1930418-05:00
Alcohol is dangerous and I feel that it causes irrational behaviour and any substance that causes someone to be irrational should be banned
Haroush says2014-07-02T21:18:24.8071011-05:00
Fine let's ban both alcohol and drugs! Haha, I can only imagine the millions of people out there who would show how truly lame they are. Hahaha.
Formerland1 says2014-07-03T00:13:47.3863717-05:00
Well I wouldn't ban them completely I'd have very high ( no pun intended ) taxes on them so that people who couldn't afford drugs would run out of money and eventually die of withdrawal, its evolution
111-1longshot says2014-07-03T04:55:23.7439125-05:00
Is this about marijuana or all drugs? Drugs like crack and heroin are extremely addictive, making them legal would be disastrous.
dietorangesoda says2014-07-03T13:47:41.8003382-05:00
This is about all drugs there is a movement here to legalize them even some police officers and doctors believe we should just legalize all drugs including the hardcore
discomfiting says2014-07-03T14:40:04.7267620-05:00
My favorite republican argument i can use right now. People are going to do it anyway, so why both having laws against it

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