Do you Think We Should Pave The Roads To Artificial Intelligence?

Posted by: Berend

This is a poll on your views on A.I.'s and if it's worth going for.

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I believe A.I.'s would be of use for humans and worth looking into.

7 votes

No, it could bring untold dangers to both humans and life on Earth as we know it. A "skynet" but in a serious sense and not a joking sense.

4 votes

I would, but we do not know much about it. It would all depend on how the build of it is. We would rather not go into it if it might go against us and no way to actually stop it.

1 vote

Yes. Artificial Inlligence could prove of use, not just humans, but other means also.

1 vote

I'm not fully sure. I can only wait and see what happens with further information before making a true, concrete choice.

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Who wants a real life Skynet? *sips coffee*

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B0HICA says2015-07-17T23:02:00.5227777-05:00
We are no where near being able to accomplish such a thing. I assume you are referring to self aware, intelligent machines. In order to achieve such a thing, you would need a machine as complex as the human brain. And even if we could build such a thing, there is the question of whether or not self awareness has a non physical component, such as a soul. How would you give a machine a soul? I believe that no one alive, at this moment, need worry about such a thing.
Berend says2015-07-17T23:05:15.8959407-05:00
That is why it's a hypothetical question. We shouldn't even jump to the notion of a soul when there is no evidence for it where as we know enough about sentience that humans are not the only ones and self-awareness is possible. The ability of A.I.'s is not that far off. IT may not happen next year, or even twenty years, but it's not 1,000 years aware at the rate of computerized technology growth. So the "How would you give a machine a soul" is a very pointless question when no such thing has even been proven and only assumed by those who wish to believe they exist. It's not a scientific concept, only spiritual.
Berend says2015-07-17T23:07:07.7257240-05:00
Plus that is why I even have an answer that would support your side, or it seems, by way of waiting and seeing what happens in science and technology before actually making a choice. This isn't to be done on the basis that they exist now and what we think, but rather hypothetically, what we think in regards to future intelligence, if possible.
58539672 says2015-07-18T00:08:39.5385361-05:00
If we do develop Artificial Intelligence, I think we should have some fail safes just in case. Maybe something like Halo's AI's which die in 7 years.
reece says2015-07-18T00:12:53.7608274-05:00
@58539672 scientists have already been at work on it. The most well known one is called "Asimov's Laws" AKA the Three Laws of Robotics. People have debating though about if the laws would actually protect us.
reece says2015-07-18T00:13:27.2264712-05:00
58539672 says2015-07-18T00:23:35.8221732-05:00
@reece The Three Laws of Robotics were written by a science fiction writer not an actual scientist. Though I do like the laws, they are to broad to work effectively. If they are to be used, it should be as a template or reference. What Im talking about is actual hardware flaws built into AI so they can't completely overcome humans. A timed life expectancy would be just one such flaw.
reece says2015-07-18T01:03:32.9075613-05:00
@58539672 Yeah, it seemed like i was saying that scientists came up with the law. The limited life of an AI would have to be backed by limited intelligence too. The best way to advance would be for us to integrate with technology It's already happening. Hearing aids, eye lenses, etc are already more powerful than the human counterparts.
reece says2015-07-18T02:23:30.0909464-05:00
@58539672 Don't let my bad spelling dissuade you.
Rust_Cohle says2015-07-18T02:25:26.5192472-05:00
My life’s been a circle of violence and degradation as long as I can remember. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I’m ready to tie it off.
Rust_Cohle says2015-07-18T02:26:44.3169459-05:00
I think the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming. Stop reproducing. Walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight. Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal
Berend says2015-07-18T02:27:29.5416358-05:00
^ I'm curious why you are quoting Stephen King (iirc that is the source).
reece says2015-07-18T02:36:37.1775256-05:00
@Rust_Cohle The deal to progress, to complexify, to strive for our greatest potential? Hell no, i'm not ending this deal. Not now, not ever. My matter will carry on as a crucial part to the evolution of the universe.
Donderpants says2015-07-18T04:42:22.7921681-05:00
Rust_Cohle Nah, while I don't deny we are far from perfect, I really can't see everyone actually stopping reproduction. And anyway, we are the first from the homo genus to reach the top of the food chain. While not the longest surviving (Homo Erectus brags 2 million years) And being less intelligent on average than the Neanderthals (homo sapiens at the time would do worse in a mental test than Neanderthals.) And we haven't actually evolved since then.) Nor being the strongest, we are the only human species to make it to present time, thanks to our incredible language. Should all our dialects be meaningless? No, they represent millions of years of evolution.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-19T06:57:09.6060924-05:00
We already have; why do you think the modern world is working so hard to tank the economy, eliminate job growth, put all financials in the government's hands, and getting the masses comfortable with government handouts? Look, internet is killing retail store fronts, 50% of malls are predicted to be closed in the U.S. by 2030, Amazon is already implementing same-day drone deliveries as well as buttons you place around the house so when an item like laundry detergent is low you press the button and it auto orders the item for delivery from Amazon, companies are automating every component of your house which you can operate from your computer or smartphone, government is ignoring upkeep of our infrastructure, and most importantly look at Japan's work on Humanoid AI Robots and how quickly it is advancing. Put the pieces together guys; everything going on today in the modern world is the preparation period for the mass deployment of smart AI. Robots will be performing all jobs, everything you want and need will be delivered to you by drones before you even know you need it and people will accept a lifestyle consisting of a level of laziness you could never imagine. Sounds a bit far fetched and crazy, but if you really think about it and put the pieces together, it's not that difficult to see.

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