Do you think we will have a world war in the near future?

Posted by: Applesaucejohn

With the rising tensions many believe that a war could break out between many countries. Others believe we shouldn't be worried.

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  • Yes

  • No

76% 28 votes
24% 9 votes
  • Unfortunately, my answer is yes. If you been reading my opinions, or polls on this site you could found out why I'm thinking this way. Major wars run in cycles, about every 70 to 80 years we have a big war. The raising tensed between the US and China, with the big issues such as the south china sea, the trade war trump going to do within the year, and the crisis with north korea. Not to mention india and china is getting close to a military conflict. Plus russia and nato having major war games on there boarders.

    Posted by: Nd2400
  • because so much new technology is being made. one accidental push of a button could destroy a country or the world. also because North Korea is threating to launch nuclear missiles which could end to another war

    Posted by: NaTurl
  • Yes not because it might occure in case of some specific series of actions, but because this is what planned. Just as the two previous ones.

    Posted by: Maher
  • the end

  • History likes to repeat itself and it will. Tensions are extremely high between powers right now.

  • Well, I really don't think we will have a world war this year or in my lifetime. However we will have another World war in the near future, most likely my kids will have to deal with it. Let's be honest China is building it's armies, Russia is going to have control over oil in the middle east and Iran is building it's nuclear arsenal. Europe is being taken over by the Muslim Population and it will become just like the middle east. I am going to say however that it will probably take a lot for the world powers to start throwing nukes at each other. Unless your insane like Kim Jong Un or your The Iranian Government and your goal is to destroy Israel.

    Posted by: zoops
  • World Peace is an unrealistic goal in my opinion, there's always gonna be that one person who overthrows and tries to ruin everything.

  • Sorry everyone. Unfortunately Trump is not, in fact, literally Hitler.

  • Not in the near future, but in the the future. North Korea is stepping out of line.

  • war in history has always been traced back to the need for resources. with modern international relations, the likelihood of a war for resources is remote at best. wars are not started by hate. hate is an opinion and everyone's opinion is different, the biological need for food and a place to live is common throughout populations. secondly, a world war requires multiple battles fought by multiple countries in a multitude of 'theatres' . who is gonna side with north Korea here?

  • If NK starts a war, no one (even China) is going to stick their neck out to defend them, it's just not worth it. The middle East gets everyone excited but the conflicts have never come close to a world war level, even with Israel's massive 20th century offensives. No one wanted to take the Taliban's side either, it just doesn't happen

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Pellinor says2017-08-26T08:06:20.1384383Z
I definitely think so, however I don't think it will be the result of an 'accidental push of a button'. Technological advances aren't the bad guy here, people are. It's not that easy to launch a nuke because the people who engineer the tech that sends them off create barriers and safety precautions.
Nd2400 says2017-08-27T00:59:00.3682832Z
No one is saying trump was Hitler. It just the way the world is headed, it isn't a good path. Trump also not making good decision, such as a up coming trade war with China, he also shouldn't be thinking of 1st strike in north korea. Hope trump start reading books such as "Destined for war by Graham Allison" so he can avoid the coming war, by making better policy and just better decision.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-08-27T03:26:01.0099702Z
Nd400, I don't think you understand. WE buy China's shit. Not the other way around. They rely on US. The only reason we aren't producing our own shit is because during Clinton's presidency he allowed "free trade" rather than trade that would benefit us. Regardless, if the west completely broke ties with them they'd have NO ONE to sell to. We, on the other hand would be building factories and reindustrialising. And so what if he's alright with that option? The alternative is to wait based on some blinde hope that a maniacal dictator who starves is own people and had said in clear terms that he intends to destroy America and hope that he won't nuke us. If anything we should have already sent troops into the north. And before you start all that "China and Russia" bullshit let me just say that Russia has NO ties to north Korea other than economic communism, and even then the north has no political power so it doesn't even aid Russia in that respect. As for China, do you really think they would go to war with their primary business interest over a desolate nation poor I'm resources that is technically in OUR sphere of influence? And even if they did their battleships and tactics are outdated compared to ours. And since we have begun training south Korea's troops it has become blatantly obvious that their military is comparable due to our aid even to that of chinas. In truth The United States has superior weaponry, training, tactics, technology, and (by far) alliances. Their primary benefactor within the military is their numerical superiority. Regardless, China is NOT a foolish country. They know that suck a war would take place on their shores and would be devastating to their nation. Of course most of the statements I've made here are broad, but if you disagree then I encourage you to look this up for yourself. You say "better policy and just better decisions". What exactly do you mean by that? I'd like to know just what policy(ies) and decision(s) trump made that will somehow either cause a war or make us less prepared for one?
Nd2400 says2017-08-27T04:10:52.0116201Z
Some experts think major wars runs in cycles, like in American history. The American Revolution, the Civil War, WW1 and WW2. A theory is a major war happens every 70 to 80 years. Base on this, we are right about there. According to " Graham Tillett Allison, is an American political scientist and professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard", we are entering Thucydides trap. China is a rising superpower, as for the US they been a superpower already for over the last 200 hundreds years. In a Thucydides trap a rising power will challenge the dominance power, over trade, territorial areas, military, and economy. China would be the US greatest threat or already is. Why because they are the second biggest economy in the world and the third largest military in the world. We already seeing major issues spearing up with both countries. Such as, the South China Sea with the island China made. Then President Trump trying to lay blame to China, for the North Korea crisis. Plus trump almost ready to lay down a trade war with China. The problem trump have with north korea, is we shouldn't strike 1st. Why because then china would defend the north. They already said this a week and a half ago. Why because they still have a treaty with the north. The north will not strike 1st, that is for sure. America already miss they chance to strike 15 years ago. Now it to late. Oh yeah if china get in the war, rest insured russia would came in as well. So you don't think having a trade war with china would hurt our economy? You would very foolish. The policy i mean is with trade, why you think alot of the Republicans and trade experts do not want a trade war with china. You would be talking about soy- beans, to smartphones, just about any thing in technology, to cars, ect. Look i don't know the answer to solve these issues, but trump doesn't either. By him trying to push china is going to backfire, America should have done something along time ago. But now we kind of in a bad situation. In the last 5 or 6 years china, russia and even the north had made a lot of gains with their technology, mostly in their military. As for the states we been just not moving as fast, because we didn't need too. But now a couple of the US military generals if the US don't up the spending in the next 5 years or so we will be in a competitive disadvantage. That is very dangerous for us. We are living under a dangerous world, and on a path that most people just don't see.
Nd2400 says2017-08-27T14:01:25.5997070Z
Oh yeah the last thing i posted here was mainly for Spiffy-Gonzalez.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-08-28T19:54:53.9602543Z
Nd2500, you still darker to mention what incentive China could possibly have for defending north Korea. The vast majority of their products ate stood to us. The only reason they would go to war is for political influence, and considering the north Korean government has no political prowess whatsoever, their is far too much at stake for China to risk a war with us. And yes, they have the third largest army in the world, but they do not have the navy nor the ICBMs enough to reach our shores. Our military is superior to their in every way but man power, and that is only the army. And you also gave no reason as to why Russia would join the war at all, much less take sides with the Chinese. And no, in a war with China, China's sells would be cut by four fifths. You forget that access to their European trade partners is blocked by countries who refuse to allow such passage, and we dominate in naval power bar none. And we aren't taking soy beans to smartphones. We're talking about America building it's own factories regulated by private enterprise which has shown to produce far better end product than state owned. China would most definitely provide cheaper product, but their resources to make it would be blockaded by the United States. An actual invasion is debatable, but wether by political influence or economic warfare alone China would be forced to submit. Let's not forget that America is STILL the most technology and militarily advanced nation in the world, technology second only to Japan who is ALSO our ally. Japan has already said very clearly that it would take the side of the United States over China should a war ever erupt between us, the south Koreans in a war with north Korea, and Russia has declared regional neutrality. You greatly overestimate the power of the Chinese and the North Koreans. The north Korean military still utilizes weapons for the world war era, China from the Vietnam era. In ANY kind of war, the United States dominates the Chinese.
Nd2400 says2017-08-28T21:07:01.5649357Z
Spiffy-Gonzalez, Here are some facts to tell you.. "The Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty is a treaty signed on July 11, 1961 between North Korea and the People's Republic of China." : this is a treaty with the north korea and china. Do you know why it's important? It because china would protect them if there were attack first. That's why china help them in the first korea war. With the US helping the south. So history have alot of importance, we need to understand it, so in the future we don't do the same mistakes. The Chinese government has issues hundreds of warning to the US, not to attack the North. Why would they be so concern, if they wasn't going to do anything. "China won’t come to North Korea’s aid if it launches missiles threatening U.S. soil and there is retaliation, a state-owned newspaper warned Friday — but it would intervene if Washington strikes first". "The rise of a more politically and militarily assertive Russia and an economically and institutionally ascendant China may be characterized as the two principal forces challenging the United States in global policymaking." : China and Russia will joint together if the US attack 1st. One reason is because it next door to the north. And they do not want US being anywhere there.You need to understand history of geopolitics. "U.S. Goods and services trade with China totaled an estimated $648.2 billion in 2016. Exports were $169.3 billion; imports were $478.9 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with China was $309.6 billion in 2016. China is currently our largest goods trading partner with $578.6 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2016". Exports with "China was the United States' 3rd largest goods export market in 2016". Imports with "China was the United States' largest supplier of goods imports in 2016". : So when Trump threatening a trade war with China, that doesn't sound good in terms of relations or the economy. SO you thinking a trade war between the US and China not going to have any negatives impact on the US economy. "Mobile ICBMs, carried on dedicated carrier trucks, can be launched in any open space; their mobility makes them more survivable and harder to find compared to their larger, silo-bound brethren. America does not have any known mobile ICBMs, but China has two solid-fueled variants: the DF-31A and DF-41. The three-stage DF-31A, with an estimated range of over 6,835 miles, has a payload of three to five 150 kiloton MIRV warheads, making it powerful enough to strike most of the continental USA from Chinese territory." : so please just do a little reseach. China and Russia can reach the US mainland with there nulcear weapons. "The U.S. military's qualitative and quantitative competitive advantage over its foes is in jeopardy if Congress does not provide stable and predictable funding, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Armed Services Committee here today. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford told the committee that profound consequences for the military lie ahead if the spending trajectory doesn't change. "It will affect our nuclear deterrence, our conventional deterrence and our ability to respond if deterrence fails," he said. "Alternatively, we can maintain our competitive advantage, with sustained sufficient and predictable funding. To that end, the [fiscal year 2018] budget is an essential step." : Giving some facts, instead of just stating your opinion. Like i said before trump is playing a very dangerous game with China with trade, and with the north korea, we should ignore them, because they will not make the 1st move to strike. Trump would be very foolish if he make the 1st move on military. I would welcome a real reason why a trade war with china would be a good idea, and striking the north would be a wise idea.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-08T14:43:55.9416553Z
Nd2400, wiki, Popsci, Washington post. Every source you used is known for being misleading and having liberal bias. That said, I have already addressed these arguments. You still have yet to address anything I've mentioned as to what economic, political, or diplomatic gains China would obtain by protecting an uninfluential embargoed nation that is widely recognized for its frequent abuse of human rights.
Nd2400 says2018-01-08T16:20:51.5497346Z
You finally got back to me.. What been like 2 months.. Anyways the sources i five you are not liberal base. And like i said if trump is stupid enough to strike first china would get involved. And they said that themselves. More than once. And what benefits they would they have in defending or protecting the north pretty easy they don't want the US in korea they dont want us next door to them they dont want our influence over there. And why go to war, their is never a good reason to fo to war. I would encourage you to have a look at my debate on this issue The only reasons it was a tie after over 2300 views is because no one wanted to admit that im right. I guess i shouldn't want to be right too because it will reshape the world forever and bot in a good way... Get back to me after you had read the whole debate....
Zombieguy835 says2018-09-22T18:21:25.7988940Z
World War III will happen because humanity loves trilogies

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