Do You Think We're In Need Of A World Wide Revolution?

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pozessed says2013-09-10T16:41:49.7471735-05:00
Revolution doesn't necessarily mean war. I hope people realize that. Revolution simply means a "a change that is caused by a social adaption" in my opinion. I could look it up, but I will go with that.
lovework9 says2015-07-07T13:05:14.4707784-05:00
REVOLUTION IS A FARCE; LOVING OURSELVES, OTHERS, AND THE PLANET IS THE ONLY SOLUTION Trying to reform imperialism, or overthrow it is the same thing as supporting imperialism. Reformers simply want a piece of the pie; they are afraid they are not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to envision, then create a different world. We don't believe in ourselves, and like the quintessential battered woman, we can't envision total liberation so we come up with every way possible to maintain the present system or use violence which will absolutely insure that the old system will remain with different faces at the helm. Nothing built on violence, is going to create the kind of world that means an end to hatred, violence, and inequality. Revolutionaries are not saints. Innocence is a choice, something you build towards by painstakingly learning how to be and express the very best of what you are. You can't be the worst of what you are and produce something better than imperialism which can only really die through benign neglect. We resist it by letting go of the electoral system, and all other perpetuating systems. We have to let go of our need for ownership; it's an illusion. The world belongs to us all. We have to love ourselves enough to disobey bad laws. To die for the autonomy to disobey them. Non-violent resistance, spiritual and physical independence are more powerful than all the forms of “begging” we employ to reform or replace a system. It is the internal pain of a people and their fear of themselves that creates bad governments, not the other way around. After all, politics is only the expression of various manifestations of human suffering. Principled resistance that does not seek death and destruction is the only foundation for the future that will work. We need to work together to feed, clothe, and sustain each other. Stop forcing our kids out of the house, and work with them to achieve a collective standard of living we would not otherwise have. We have to stop pushing this capitalist idea of "rugged individualism." Why is it that they are only grown up when they can make it through a killer environment on their own? They will be plagued by debt and an economic system that we [self-destructively I might add] demand that they "trust;" one that is going to fail them every time. We need to form sustenance co-ops and not depend on programs because no matter what we win, they will find a way to take it back. But We must create a foundation for a new world through our love and strength. Then we won't have to worry about the "president," the "senators," the "Supreme Court justices," the "police chief," or anybody else. They will no longer be the guardians of our well-being. We will be our own guardians. Even if they kill us, it is better to die knowing that capitalism will end just because no one is supporting it. And that, if there are only ten people left they will have a wondrous thing to build on. But it takes an enormous amount of self-love and love for others, and the planet to do all these things and we need to begin working on that. If we had that self-love politicians, nor anyone else, could fool us. It's amazing how self-love prevents not only deception by others, but self-deception as well. You can only be deceived to the extent that you deceive yourself. When you care for yourself people can't get away with hurting you, they are even repelled by you and go on to easier pickings. Self-love cannot abide political "begging." And believe me, revolution is a form of begging. We are begging for the same opportunity to exploit and run the world as the imperialists have. Because if there is to be no fundamental spiritual change (I ain’t talking about religion which we use to ease a pain we can’t explain and don’t know how to stop), no real love of ourselves and others, what will be the difference between us and them? Revolutions change some things, but not much. Eventually they take the route of all previous revolutions, which is to succumb to that thing in ourselves that believes that control is sacrosanct. It would be better to die than join forces with violence by becoming violent ourselves. The revolutionary and the imperialist aggressor are one and the same. What is it that Melle Mel said in his Rap? “The egomaniacs control the self-righteous." You better believe it. The revolutionary fights for a world he will control using the same tactics as the former oppressor because it is so much easier than starting from scratch to bring out the best in himself/herself, and the people he/she says they want to save. We've got to create a systematic program of love and self-love and practice it soul to soul, family to family, house to house, friendship by friendship, neighbor by neighbor, street by street, community by community, city by city, until our love has overtaken the world.

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