Do you think WW3 will start because of this Syria situation?

Posted by: Mikal

With Russia and China sending warships to the coast of Syria, do you think WW3 will start?

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No it is highly unlikely Russia or China would attack us

21 votes

It is a strong possibility which is why we should pull out of Syria all together and worry about our Country before theirs

13 votes

Lets just all move to Australia and not worry about it

9 votes

Yes and it is inevitable, even if we pulled out war would still probably happen

3 votes
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Mikal says2013-09-06T14:06:22.7487884-05:00
Http://www.Worldwar3news.Com/ http://www.Cnn.Com/2013/08/30/world/europe/syria-civil-war http://www.Cnn.Com/2013/08/29/world/europe/syria-civil-war/index.Html http://news.Msn.Com/world/russia-moving-ships-near-syria-for-possible-evacuation-of-russians?Ocid=ansnews11
neurotic1 says2013-09-06T15:07:00.5539090-05:00
I think its unlikely that ww3 would happen at this point over this specific subject. The G20 summit leaders are too clever and mature to let the situation escalate to that. If intervention does occur on any level it will be restricted to the Syrian battlefield, an attack on U.S, Russian or Chinese territory is unlikely. This is not to say that events would not influence future decisions over other topics, or that if an attack away from Syria does occur it is because of the Syrian conflict...
theargument says2013-09-07T12:37:00.9173144-05:00
Ugh... If politicians aren't stupid, they should know that we have too much to loose.
neurotic1 says2013-09-07T12:46:12.4280594-05:00
There are losses and gains either way in my opinion. Valuable lessons need to be instilled, without war a populace will forget hardship.. World wars are started by people excepting wars and violence as tolerable or even profitable. The death counts and tedious years of economic recover disproves a pro war assumption. Not to mention the fear.

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