• Yes- I am smoking hot baby!

  • No- I need some work on my face.

71% 10 votes
29% 4 votes
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ClashnBoom says2015-04-20T05:06:59.5020478-05:00
Meh. If I was a girl I would look at me and say "He's cute." and leave it at that.
jyotipatel says2015-04-20T05:10:21.6252318-05:00
Getting wrinkles and losing my hair this days, but I look hot I guess. :p
dbushwacker says2015-04-20T08:55:45.2124811-05:00
Hey ladies and gents, you just gotta have that confidence. And if any man or woman ignores an confident advance then they are fools and not worth your time. :P
PetersSmith says2015-04-20T13:23:42.7635185-05:00
You missed an opportunity to make a Zoolander joke.

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