• Automatic

  • Manual

40% 14 votes
60% 21 votes
  • Fun

  • Not yet, but I'll learn to drive a manual.

  • I have the need to shift, plus if you learn to drive manual you can drive automatic too. Much more fun and thrilling to go faster and have that acceleration headroom

  • Better gas mileage if you drive it right, more control over the car, cost less, much less that breaks and it's way more fun to drive. Also, studies show that because you need to pay attention to the car you keep focus more so you don't get as drowsy and you don't get distracted as much.

  • Unless you only drive in stop and go traffic, manual is better. It's easier to understand what car is doing. Knowing the transmission won't change gears when you don't want it to is handy.

  • Currently, I'm learning how to drive manual and it is fun!

  • More reliable, more efficient, less expensive, less weight, more fun, better control. I've owned both and I prefer a manual shift gate with a clutch pedal. Automatics have their place, just not for my driving style.

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jboehnerart says2014-08-09T07:56:48.4780599-05:00
I find it interesting that on here more people say that they drive a manual, however in the USA about 90% of cars sold are automatics. Now, I know that not everyone is from the states, but I feels as though something isn't right.
wbirchall says2015-02-09T13:43:48.1655907-06:00
People in the UK have to learn to drive manuals.

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