Do you want an afterlife?

Posted by: Jeonsaryu

Or do you just want to end after life?

  • Yes

  • No

71% 32 votes
29% 13 votes
  • Yes please!! How much?

  • If its better than this life.

    Posted by: ashkan
  • It would be interesting to become a ghost and cause mischief in people's homes and in the public.

  • Depends what it is of course. If I could choose who I'm born as or where I'm born again then sure. A spiritual afterlife, like heaven, sure. Not Hell, thanks lol

  • Valhalla, please accept this TechPriest in thy Halls of Glory. May the eternal battlefield find that man and machine are as one as they were with the sword. For Honor and Glory!

    Posted by: yahuaa
  • In my religion we don't particularly have a Heaven nor do we have a specific Hell. But I want to go to a Heaven like place.

  • I don't see why I wouldn't as long as I don't have to believe in mystical sky men to get there.

  • It would be nice.

  • Only to observe change and gain infinite knowledge afterwards to truly see the entirety of reality.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • Depends, but probably, yeah. Death being nothing? I really hope not. I would love to reunite with old family and friends in an after-life. Then again, the immortality problem... could it happen in the after-life too? Either way, yes.

  • Of course

  • GUYS everyone here whose an atheist myself included can be honest for a sec we want an after life I for one am hoping for my own planet to create, I basically wanna be a god I would be able to help so many people and the world would be awesome im thinking love child of minecraft, sim city, and civilization

  • I hope there is, or I will find a immortal pill

  • Assuming it's nice

  • Depends on what this afterlife is, The religious afterlifes don't appeal to me so i would much rather cease. But if i say.... go to equestria than we are getting somewhere ;)

  • Couldn't care less what happens after death. 'While you do not know life, how can you know about death?' (Analects 11.12)

  • Not the biblical afterlife.

  • forever is a long time, now i wish that we could spend more time on this planet. but the belief that your life comes to an end should inspire you to live the best life you can instead of dulling your life for something that is a complete unknown.

    Posted by: nick6
  • Having one slice of cake is good, you want to savour it and enjoy it. Having a whole cake is less special, you eat more than you should've and save the rest for later. Having a planet made of cake makes you hate cake.

  • Too many options, too many possibilities. Makes me unreasonably depressed. And sad.

  • In the words of Bender, "If I had to live another life I'd kill myself." One get one life live it.

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yahuaa says2015-04-22T19:18:02.0966992-05:00
@Diqiucun_Cunmin Don't need to know about it in order to want it. What's the worse that could happen? We'd do as we would in life anyways. If we didn't then we wouldn't be ourselves anyways.
briantheliberal says2015-04-23T14:53:48.2476086-05:00
Possibly, just not the biblical one.
briantheliberal says2015-04-23T14:59:16.1814307-05:00
Possibly, just not the biblical one.
lolawesome65 says2015-05-02T17:39:00.5495159-05:00
IDEK, honestly. Just not the Christian afterlife. Apparently there is no sin there. But allegedly there is sin because of free will and also the original sin. SO IS THERE NO FREE WILL IN HEAVEN? WTF?!!!!

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