• NO

69% 35 votes
31% 16 votes
  • I think I would do a good job of running the world, but I suppose Hitler and Stalin thought the same thing when they tried.

    Posted by: caphys
  • Yes, because I could tell people not to fart and they would finally listen. "Bliss at last" as all would cry.

  • Yes, I believe society needs to be brought under one "nation" called Humanity, we are far to divided.

  • To do whatever I please.

  • Yes, I would make a fake group of rebels like Anonymous to fight against my evil regime. I would set up methods of government so once their great ruler is gone the world could govern its self in a balanced system of peace. I would take away as many weopons as possible then when I reach the pinicale of my power in rule I would have an assassin wearing a Guy Fawkes mask assassinate me during a National Public event showing that no matter how powerful a rule there will always be a fall. (Yes, this is from the Manga Code Geass, loved the ending)

  • I would be kind to my subjects..... At first.

    Posted by: DanT
  • Yes, I could establish republican/conservative philosophies over the entire world. No gays, no abortion, and my economic policy. I don't see any problems with ME, not anyone else, in charge.

  • First I would abolish Religion, homophobia, corrupted Government people (People who are controlling the Presidents), world hunger, PETA, vegetarians, bullies, crazy-ass people, criminals, poverty. Do you have any idea how nice the world would be?

    Posted by: Numble
  • i have a working plan for world domination that i have been told might work from several sources. now maybe i wouldn't be the best choice for world tyrant, but i probably couldn't do any better of a job of bungling it than the people who already rule the world, and i love the recognition

  • No, no one should. Power would corrupt far too easily. Even leojm already said to "eliminate all the liberals". Dictatorship!

  • But I do believe we should all be one nation (But not a single leader)

    Posted by: Picard
  • WAY, WAY to much power. I might go crazy trying to figure out whats best for the world.

  • No. I don't want to rule the Earth. But I do want to spread my influence on it. (I don't think that's wrong as long as the influence is good.)

  • I actually think about what it would be like, sometimes. I honestly believe my ideas are good, and I'm not a bad person. But just because you're sure of being right doesn't mean you can force your choices on other people. You could be wrong. Plus there's the risk that power will corrupt you, and the fact that you'll have to deal with obstacles that will most likely alter the way you make your ideas come real. Besides, even if you could be absolutely certain that yours is the right way, that you won't lose your head and your ideas will be as great in reality as they are in your head, you still wouldn't have the right to force other people to think the same way, and if they don't think the same way, it's no use trying to make them BEHAVE according to your ideas.

  • Hell no! Why on Earth would I want to rule the Earth? I have to deal with all the problems!

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abyteofbrain says2013-10-08T14:51:23.0854398-05:00
Frightening comments!
Kreakin says2014-06-17T05:22:54.3611186-05:00
Only the World? Light weights, I want the Universe!!

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