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I am addicted, I am on episode 180-190!

7 votes

What is "Fairy Tail"?

7 votes
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I love it, I am on episode 30-100.

4 votes

You are all anime nerds

3 votes
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(be that one person) I haven't watched it, but I love it!

2 votes

I have watched it and have not liked it.

1 vote

I watched the first episode and quit.

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Natsu_Dragneel says2014-07-15T21:16:55.9723031-05:00
Why is there more votes in the "What is [Fairy Tail]?" section :(....What a sad world.
muricamurray says2014-07-15T22:53:14.2586176-05:00
Why did you make this poll
ThoughtsandThoughts says2014-07-16T09:38:51.9237078-05:00
Ah, muricamurray's answer has enlightened me. All of us anime nerds should really be watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, and Honey Boo Boo. Like a true American.
Natsu_Dragneel says2014-07-16T14:14:42.9075726-05:00
1. I wanted to find out how many people share something in common with me. It is nice knowing your not the only anime nerd. 2. It's okay, I already reported his post. I would like to see someone as rude as him make it far in life. It's all fun and games till your life is ruined.
UltimateBohab says2014-07-16T19:09:21.7343910-05:00
Oh my god lol you guys take this so seriously, go watch a good show like The Colbert Report or Trailer Park Boys and shut up with your Pearl Harbor supporting commie cartoons
ThoughtsandThoughts says2014-07-16T20:15:27.3009958-05:00
@UltimateBohab: I think the only people taking this too seriously are the ones calling anime "commie cartoons". I merely defended my liking anime. I enjoy both American shows and anime. Which in no way links me to supporting Pearl Harbor (that's a hasty generalization). I personally believe Pearl Harbor wasn't justified.
UltimateBohab says2014-07-16T20:22:26.1052766-05:00
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-16T20:24:43.5887577-05:00
... @UltimateBohab People like you are the reason I'm evil. And I'm sure he's trolling.
UltimateBohab says2014-07-16T20:29:09.2567577-05:00
1. You're not evil 2. You think terrorism is a joke? You think America is a joke? Wow, why don't you just go on bombing harbors, while I try to fight for America's freedom while commies like you are trying to take it...
ThoughtsandThoughts says2014-07-16T20:36:31.0956522-05:00
@UltimateBohab: You've clearly communicated that you didn't read my response or that you ignored it.
muricamurray says2014-07-16T20:44:42.6222808-05:00
I agree with the "UltimateBohab" gentleman, what is next, calling people to take out the Bald Eagles, proud symbol of this great nation, or wht I thought was a great nation, until I figured out that you are all supporters of pearl harbor and commie toons...
ThoughtsandThoughts says2014-07-16T20:50:18.0846808-05:00
@UltimateBohab: Alright, but don't forget about your important American values like integrity, tolerance, and change!
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-16T20:52:14.5386808-05:00
Mein Gott!
muricamurray says2014-07-16T20:55:59.5229011-05:00
What is that commie talk, are you trying to poison my mind with your ways?
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-16T20:57:42.6239620-05:00
Sprichst du Deutsch?
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-16T21:10:24.5412114-05:00
Nihihi! 日本語を読める?
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-16T21:21:32.3443486-05:00
Dobro požalovat'!
Natsu_Dragneel says2014-07-22T17:20:20.2959624-05:00
What just...Happened. I can't even...O_o... On the other hand, that was extremely entertaining to read. "Commies" are people just like "Americans". They just go about living with different beliefs and actions. Judging one another is the real evil compared to how others do stuff differently. With that said, please take your "RIFF RAFF" somewhere else. Side note: This report system is extremely insufficient. Side note2: ThoughtsandThoughts, Accept friend request? Side note3: Future Rogue is some serious stuff... Side note4: I wonder what the "Commies" call us? Side note5: I felt there had to be a fifth one.
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-22T17:29:18.1007046-05:00
Anyone wanna see me get insulted?
muricamurray says2014-07-22T17:53:44.3729016-05:00
Hi YamaVonKarma
muricamurray says2014-07-22T17:53:58.3195698-05:00
How is it going?
Natsu_Dragneel says2014-07-23T14:08:42.8370361-05:00
The debate you posted was removed :(
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-23T14:22:56.8508349-05:00
It just had him ranting about RiFF RAFF's glory and insulting me.

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