Doctors should be armed

Posted by: bobwashere

This will tell me who thinks that doctors should be armed

  • No no

  • Yes yes and yes

37% 7 votes
63% 12 votes
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tajshar2k says2015-03-31T15:22:04.4560349-05:00
If they really want too, then yes, but I think its very unnecessary .We shouldn't be pulling our gun out for everything.
TBR says2015-03-31T15:50:17.2691266-05:00
This exact (insane) question has been asked before.
Kreakin says2015-03-31T16:31:51.5827531-05:00
Dr's obviously shouldn't need to be armed. If security is an issue then the Hospital needs to increase it's measures to provide a secure enviroment.
bobwashere says2015-04-02T15:14:44.8017197-05:00
The only reason that i am asking this question is because i am doing a project base learning (P.B.L) on this topic

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