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Yes, an unborn baby is deserving of protection under the law.

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Abortion only terminates the undeveloped human life

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No, an unborn baby is not a human

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Yes, but is is the woman's right to choose

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Anonymous says2017-04-01T19:14:16.4267765Z
Feel free to challenge me to a debate! I am ready and willing to take on any pro-choicer.
Anonymous says2017-04-01T21:11:28.3607765Z
The liberals must be sleeping!
reece says2017-04-02T13:24:32.7485035Z
@subdeo Abortion kills an undeveloped human life. Most legal abortions are morally equivalent to killing a single sperm, don't you think? The nervous system isn't developed yet. What's your view on the morning-after pill?
reece says2017-04-02T13:38:06.3197035Z
@subdeo Could you put an option which you think would best suit me?
Anonymous says2017-04-02T13:44:43.5425035Z
If you want to add another answer, feel free. I don't know what kind of answer you are looking for. No, I do not think abortion is equivalent to killing sperm, a sperm is potential for life, while an unborn baby is alive. Important change must happen for a sperm to become a human. An unborn baby has no more change coming. When does an unborn baby become human? What facilitates this change?
Anonymous says2017-04-02T14:15:55.8015653Z
I would love to debate with you on this topic, reece.
reece says2017-04-02T14:22:11.1593035Z
Could you put "Abortion kills an undeveloped human life" as the answer. Human =/= Human life. I would consider an "unborn baby" alive once it has developed a nervous system. Would you agree?
reece says2017-04-02T15:16:21.7469035Z
Thanks for the correction.
Iacov says2017-04-06T14:38:09.7158830Z
I have completed a debate regarding this topic and would like to ask those here to vote on it. Http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Does-Abortion-Kill-a-Baby/2/
Keltron says2017-04-07T03:01:00.8347785Z
Abortion deletes the potential for a human life. It is interesting that the same people who vociferously oppose abortion are also against sex education and birth control. Is all human life sacred? How about prisoners on death row?
Anonymous says2017-04-24T12:41:16.6673255Z
Reece unless you have abortion before 16 days, the fetus can feel everything. That why abortion videos show the baby in pain. Its inhumane to kill a living human. Http://www.Whattoexpect.Com/pregnancy/fetal-brain-nervous-system/
reece says2017-05-21T17:27:45.4636198Z
@SirHarrison0 Do you know the What To Expect Foundation is linked to the Clinton Global Initiative?
reece says2017-05-21T17:33:30.5824198Z
@SirHarrison0 By the way, it said nothing about pain receptors around the 16 day mark.

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