Does America have a hypocritical view on racism?

Posted by: TRollin1976

It seems the racist lobby has a firm hold on the definition of racism as it fits their needs. Is this your opinion, or is racism equally measured across racial lines?

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Yes, racism is loosely defined and applied.

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No, racism standards are applied equally to all situations and events.

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Futurepresident2048 says2015-03-31T07:13:30.6413098-05:00
Racism isn't a big problem, the liberal media just makes it out to be so to use it as a weapon since they need all minority votes in 2016.
TRollin1976 says2015-03-31T07:33:11.4168677-05:00
My biggest frustration is the loose standards that society seemingly allows to be applied. For example, this 'Black Lives Matter' foolishness. The groups teaching this racism hide behind equality, yet only apply this mantra to the statistically few events regarding white (or white labeled people) killing black people. This number is abysmally small compared to the black deaths perpetrated by black aggressors. Where are their chants and marches and propaganda campaigns in those cases?
shaancl_716 says2015-03-31T09:27:47.4760811-05:00
I love how Al Sharpton the the photo for this xD
TRollin1976 says2015-03-31T14:28:43.1139820-05:00
@shaancl_716, that's because he's the epitome of the racial huckster .. I chose him specifically.
briantheliberal says2015-03-31T14:49:11.7053269-05:00
TRollin1976, you mean more of a "racial huckster" than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly? They are all just as bad and you pick the black dude. I don't like him either but there is clearly some hypocrisy when it comes to who talks about racism. Apparently white people in America are the all-knowing authority on race issues, but if blacks dare speak out against it they are "race hucksters" or "playing the race card."
briantheliberal says2015-03-31T14:51:55.5344265-05:00
Also, your view on liberalism and racism is flawed. The KKK, neo-nazis and other racist hate groups sure aren't voting Democrat and calling themselves liberals. Keep that in mind.
TRollin1976 says2015-03-31T15:47:52.1860055-05:00
@briantheliberal says "... Your view on liberalism and racism is flawed" Where in my comments do I even mention the word 'liberal'? Sounds like you have your own agenda here. My question is completely valid. Yes, I chose Al Sharpton, because he *is* a race baiter.. Not because of his skin color. Sure, there are others, but he is a well recognized representative of that particular caucus. Let's not deviate from the question by nitpicking the things that aren't being addressed in the discussion.
Austryker says2016-03-04T01:53:35.4392507Z
Racism isn't a problem. It's a minority, and it's something people of color use as a cop out to get out of any situation they can muster it to be reason for. I'm white and I'm constantly racially discriminated against. If you want to, start a debate and directly choose me to be your opponent. I'll gladly debate with you.

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