• Yes, the have the electricity

  • No, the not have the electricity

80% 8 votes
20% 2 votes
  • I am assuming this means we do not have enough electricity, which is true if we are going to get off fossil fuels. The only way to generate enough without building massive solar and windmill farms is to build modern nuclear plants. Of course people are such a bunch of wimps when it comes to nuclear, we are wasting billions on unreliable solar and wind. just plain stupid!

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Rightwing15 says2014-07-10T12:12:04.1501976-05:00
Oh my god its the troll.
lannan13 says2014-07-10T12:16:16.3366797-05:00
discomfiting says2014-07-10T12:32:35.5030080-05:00
/the troll/
discomfiting says2014-07-10T12:32:47.8582080-05:00
Not "a" troll, but THE troll
Max.Wallace says2014-07-10T12:39:11.3374080-05:00
Get off my bridge.
iheartNK says2014-07-11T08:13:06.8228311-05:00
I am not the troll. I think you troll me. You the troll
Max.Wallace says2014-07-11T09:35:19.5993744-05:00
I thought I was the troll?
iheartNK says2014-07-11T10:06:18.7520243-05:00
Yes, you the troll

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