Does anyone have an original idea?

Posted by: demonlord343

Does anyone ever get an original idea for anything anymore?

Poll will close on 2/6/2189 at 12:23PM.
  • All the time!

  • No!

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
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SemperVI says2014-05-05T16:14:48.2663779-05:00
Twister candy filled with tootsie roll goodness - uhhh, yummy
Crescendo says2014-05-05T16:14:58.3439779-05:00
I do!!!!
SweetTea says2014-05-05T16:38:29.5824777-05:00
Ever watch Shark Tank?
occupied says2014-05-06T11:15:38.8559919-05:00
Not on the DDO.
occupied says2014-05-06T11:16:38.8686408-05:00
Ethical philosopher that is hilarious coming from someone whose use name is a total oxymoron.

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