Does Atheism Call For Better Morals Than Religious Ideologies?

Posted by: Richardsonalj

¿Hace ideología atea llamadas para moralidad mejor más que las ideologías religiosa?

  • Yes, It calls for better morals than religion does (Sí, ideología atea es más mejor que ideología religiosa)

  • No it doesn't call for better morals (No, ideología religiosa es más mejor que ideología atea)

29% 5 votes
71% 12 votes
  • Since atheism dosen't require you to do certain things that would be considered of low moral to many(like that you in some religions can't be friends/marry someone of an opposite religion) i will have to atheism calls for better morals

  • Atheism is based in one's philosophy, so morality would be based in what approach to morality the person adheres to rationally.

    Posted by: maslow
  • No, Atheism has always called for more degenerate forms of morality than religion.

  • Not,even,close. No moral compass is required to be an atheist. You could be a genocidal dictator yet be just as much an atheist as a philanthropist. However, most religionso require at least some moral compass. Meaning that a philanthropist is better as a religious person than a genocidal dictator, because lacking a moral compass serverly undermines the piety of a person in the eyes of most religions.

  • Atheism demands no moral standard, only that you deny G-d.

  • No. Atheism is just as degenerate in morality as religion is. Religion is no better; it really isn't spreading morality so much as control.

  • Atheism doesn't call for any morals, though most atheists have their own morals.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • There are no rules of morality with Athesism, most religions call for at least some type of morality to abide by. However morally right or wrong is subjective

  • Since Atheism can only provide morality by catering to popular ideas put forth by society it is subjective and always changing. Kind of like egg yokes with our health - first their good, then their bad, and then they are good again. Therefore if someone can convince society that their moral beliefs are good, they can get away with anything.

    Posted by: Crede
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triangle.128k says2016-06-23T20:00:46.7709049Z
@bball I thought you were an atheist?
UtherPenguin says2016-06-23T20:07:46.0703927Z
Atheism calls to nothing but non belief. Morality is out of the picture.
lannan13 says2016-06-23T20:42:05.9231968Z
Calls for morals, but it doesn't specify that is has to be different than those of religious morals.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-06-23T21:53:19.0609897Z
Religion doesn't spread morality. Instead, it wants to control. If you question the authority of a religious establishment, you are in rebellion against God.
maslow says2016-06-23T23:26:18.8215560Z
UtherPenquin: I'm sorry but you are not entirely correct. \
AtheistBrony says2016-07-05T04:05:18.9091554Z I know more religious outnumber atheists so of course they'd win the poll, but at least watch this first.

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