• Yes

  • No

36% 8 votes
64% 14 votes
  • I'd rather be fit than fat. However it is entirely possible to be happy and large.

  • Because by being thin you will become more confident of yourself and you will feel good because everyone will start to like you as the majority judge people by their look.

  • Yes because people are cruel. If you are thinner then people won't make fun of you for it. Its just the way the world works. And being skinnier has actual health benefits because it can help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, arteriostenosis, and a whole host of other health risks.

    Posted by: sjrrj
  • You generally feel better about yourself. If you think might not be thin or people think you're not, you automatically feel self-conscious therefore not feeling happy.

    Posted by: GabCab
  • Being happy makes a person happy. However, there are many people who let their size or shape predict their happiness. For example, as for me, my body does not predict such a thing for me, i'd be stupid to let it. I am happy with my body, does that mean my body makes me happy ? Sure, could be one of the many reasons but it is not the sole reason. Although I do strive everyday through exercise and activity to keep my body fit and to improve it. I do agree with the guy on the left that I'd be prefer to be skinny than fat, but I'd also prefer to be fit than both skinny or fat.

  • Consider all the skinny people in Third World countries, they are malnourished impoverished and underprivileged. I don't think I'd be very happy if I were them. Not to say that that people are automatically happier, I'm just sayingit really doesn't matter how much you weigh.

  • you can be any size and still be happy.

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Eav says2014-11-09T12:15:31.4269473-06:00
As it turns out for me, many things related to being unhappy, come from the feeling of having neither perspective nor control in your life. The experience of undergoing a strict routine of diet and sports can certainly help to make people regain their self-control, thus enabling them to become happier people. But that's kinda the only thing connected to true happiness. Spirituality also helps. But that also often comes with a restricted diet. Being fat is stress for the body, just don't do that to yourself, if you can avoid it.
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-09T13:21:25.4779828-06:00
Many of you come to the conclusion that being thin ultimately makes an individual confident thus being happy. Have you come to consider those who are thin and insecure ? Fat people want to be skinny and skinny people want to be not necessarily fat but to have more fat. I know people that are skinny and think they are fat[which irritates me] and I also know people who are skinny and don't want to be skinny. When answering one should also consider the question, " Are skinny people happy ?" Some are happy only because it has been embedded into society that skinny is beautiful and fat is ugly. Most, that I know, are not. Some that I know are skinny and dislike it but still choose to be happy. Therefore I believe you may be fat or skinny, but it is up to you whether you decide to let your body shape or society conquer your emotions. Personally I feel that inner beauty always conquers physical appearance.
Mister_Man says2014-11-09T13:28:18.6257344-06:00
Heyfur - You're absolutely correct, it's up to the person to be happy or not, and I also know thin people who aren't necessarily happy, although it does seem, through my personal experiences, that thin people tend to be more happy than larger people. Also, it has not "been embedded into society that skinny is beautiful and fat is ugly." I am sexually attracted to girls who are thinner because that's how my brain works. It has nothing to do with what the media says or what society says. I look at plus-size models, and still don't consider them very attractive. It's what most people like. Most girls like toned guys, or guys who are reasonably fit, just like most guys like the same for girls. Nobody could convince me that fat girls are more attractive or equally as attractive as thin girls, as that's just not what I see. It's up to personal preference, and it just happens that most personal preferences happen to be in favour of thin or fit people.
OnlyLoveCuresHate says2014-11-09T14:24:34.4982825-06:00
Being thin doesn't make a person happy, being healthy makes a person happy.
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-15T13:56:51.5987057-06:00
@Mister_Man, Yes I definitely agree with you that thin propel tend to be more happier than fat people, but there are also many unhappy skinny people just as there are fat. Actually, It has. Some of my skinny friends only feel beautiful becuase of the skinny models on runways and in magazines. I know fat people that say they'd be more confident about themselves if fat people walked the runway... Which is quite sad if you ask me.Youre right, I am sexually attracted to men and women who are skinny rather than fat because that's how my brain works too. No not everyone, but for some people it does have to do with that... They're insecure to that point and feel that they need to be accepted by society. I agree with you on that, it is up to personal presence, and most people do prefer thin or fit people... Personally for me, I'd rather be fit than both skinny or fat, but I'd rather be skinny than fat. I guess most people feel the same.

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