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TheReycoco says2014-07-05T10:04:05.8339387-05:00
As small as it may be, you still require a certain faith in what scientists are saying. While most times we rely on common sense to understand what they say, other times, when a part of science that isn't understood or proven yet, we have to have faith that what some people are saying is true.
reece says2014-07-05T10:07:46.6516551-05:00
TheReycoco, would you consider this proof?
NathanDuclos says2014-07-05T10:50:58.0817276-05:00
Dear thereycoco, faith is a well defined word with specific meanings. Faith is belief that is not based on proof. If there is evidence, I do not require faith, if there is a large amount of evidence, I do not require faith. Http://dictionary.Reference.Com/browse/faith
Lt.Harris says2014-07-05T12:16:58.0413414-05:00
"confidence or trust in a person or thing" This is the first definition of faith that pulled up. Another one is "belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty." According to those two definitions, yes, evolution requires faith. @NathanDuclos THat is great but the majority of those definitions (the ones I used above are from there) don't mention proof.
NathanDuclos says2014-07-05T13:11:33.7193167-05:00
Lt.Harris - i agree, it has multiple meanings and you are correct, and point 2 is belief that is not base on proof which is what Defenderofthetruth is presenting (unless I'm mistaken and Defender feel free to correct me). The poll is there is no proof of evolution or not enough to warrant trust in it beyond faith, or there is more proof for an alternate theory such as GOD. He is not using the meaning that your attesting (which is completely accurate, just not applicable from what i see DOTT is offering) . . . To wit, the question seems silly when compared to Does believing in Gravity require Faith? Or Does Believing Logic require Faith?
BuffaloWings says2014-07-07T13:02:31.4833329-05:00
Evolution is science it has nothing to do with faith or religion.
yetifivepecks says2014-07-16T00:32:26.2295231-05:00
Somewhat...We all have some measure of faith in our subjective interpretations of reality, do we not?
reece says2014-07-16T00:43:18.5591231-05:00
"subjective interpretations of reality" is irrelevant to what can be listed down as refutable truth.
yetifivepecks says2014-07-16T00:45:15.8279643-05:00
I am certainly a supporter of evolution (as if it needed support). What I was suggesting is that reality is only what we each perceive it to be. We each have subjective and limited perspectives. In other words: I was just being difficult.
yetifivepecks says2014-07-16T00:47:13.6240793-05:00
In other words, I was referring to the idea that we all have some measure of faith in the ability of our minds and senses to correctly perceive what we have collectively determined to be reality.
reece says2014-07-16T00:50:01.4915231-05:00
"Your reality is just a prospective fantasy of biased." You will find this on my profile.
Redspectre says2014-07-23T18:57:08.0735816-05:00
Science is faith. You have faith that your results work. You have faith that a vaccine works. Faith is what keeps our country together
reece says2014-07-24T00:44:41.0723372-05:00
@Redspectre faith isn't based on facts
leonitus2464 says2014-08-12T16:30:13.4270458-05:00
@redspectre science is proven and has worked for thousands of years cars, computers, medicine, machines, biology etc faith doesn't require facts or tests or any kind of thought you just believe because it feels nice not because it's true. See the difference science is based on facts faith isn't based on any facts of any kind.

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