Does black privilege exist?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Female privilege exists and you can thank feminists for that! Thanks feminists...For being so f**king stupid and sexist against the very people who you want to treat you with respect! Treat men AND women with respect, not just men, not just women! White privilege exists. Latino privilege exists and you can think the US immigration laws for that. Besides just being able to use the race card, are there any other black privileges? In other words, does black privilege exist?

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Yes, black privilege does exist.

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No, black privilege does not exist.

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It depends!

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Dilara says2016-07-16T02:33:52.0693676Z
Affirmative action, getting away with being racist, being able to blame racism for everything.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-16T07:10:05.8926250Z
^Which is why it depends. Because just like the SJW/Feminist types are perpetuating these things there are movements of equal or larger size that put down the concepts. So it depends a lot on where you are in the country (America): The South, The North, West, East, Mid-West, Urban, Rural, etc, etc. If you are a black man in the rural, deep South, you're not going to be very privileged, and in fact disadvantaged sometimes, but if you are a black man, or, better, a black woman, on a New York City college campus: you're going to be considerably advantaged because you're opinion will be valued more as "a person of color."
Black-Jesus says2016-07-16T07:14:54.5761765Z
And by the way, since when was that okay? Like, what happened to "black people"? I mean, "colored people" or "colored" hasn't been okay since, like, the 50s or so, but now "people of color" is okay? It's almost verbatim the same thing. And, if we wanna get technical about it, black people aren't people of color: white people are. Black people are people that have skin closest to the absence of color and white people are the most colored of them all. Back in the days of segregation, the signs should've read "Colored", "Blacks" and "Other Colors" for latinos and Asians and stuff.
SegBeg says2016-07-16T12:10:38.3409834Z
Hey Foodiesoul, there's such thing as male privilege as well. Men normally get paid more than women for the exact same job, more likely to get a job in fields like STEM careers because people still feel like men should be the ones doing it. I get that female privilege exists, but you need to stop complaining about it. It makes you look bad!
Foodiesoul says2016-07-16T18:42:58.6586985Z
@SegBeg Men don't really get paid more than women. Women can get equal pay if they stand up for it and businesses aren't allowed to discriminate against anyone. Women can also get jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math too, just so you know. How does complaining about female privilege make me look bad when I'm just pointing out the sad truth? There is way more female privilege than male privilege and sadly, this video is proof of this:
Dilara says2016-07-17T03:59:15.6161122Z
Actually its easier for women to get into STEM because of affirmative action.
Dilara says2016-07-17T04:00:13.4456829Z
As well as lots of colleges.
SegBeg says2016-10-01T17:43:56.2412888Z
@Foodiesoul, well I can see that. But one of the reason women get paid less is because men take higher paying jobs, work longer hours, and are more likely to take jobs that put them in danger. This is not a bad thing. Woman want more security in their jobs especially if they have children. If a woman takes a high paying and dangerous ob, then she will get paid as much as the man.

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