Does christians and bibilical interpretation approve pedophilia ?

Posted by: stephannoi

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Are you insane ? Christianity condemn child sexual abuse,pedophile isn't being support by the bibel.

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Yes,pedophile is being inspired by the bibel.Christian does indeed approve sex with children.

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stephannoi says2016-07-19T18:37:31.5111499Z
Until now christianity does nothing in instance to save children from abuse,indeed roman catholic priest are predominantly responsible for all account of 60 % of child sex abuse case.
ghostrecon says2016-07-19T18:46:14.5357026Z
Roman catholic pope are merely perverts people.They should be incarcerated for life.Don't let them walk away easily and abuse children !!!!!
BaxterDebate says2016-07-26T13:21:42.9712643Z
Catholics priests should be held to the full extent of the law. However, it is not right to hold them up as the face of Christianity as they hold the word of the Pope and church history, above the teachings of the Bible.
xXKorvexiusXx says2016-07-31T02:37:45.1895617Z
This is simply ridiculous to say the very least. No, the Bible does not permit such actions. How can any human with a brain claim that the Bible says this is OK? Such a person must provide a verse from the Bible in order to validate the veracity of their claims, otherwise it can be simply dismissed as a Proof by Assertion Fallacy.
ghostrecon says2016-07-31T07:23:57.2574200Z
@ xxKorvexiusXx Historically,during medieval age time,child marriage are being permit throughout european states. As long as girls begin puberty,they are often be betrothed or sold to slavery.Isn't this akin to islam now aday ?
ghostrecon says2016-07-31T07:28:51.8690855Z
So christian does condone pedophile as islam do. There are also no statutory rape law exist in british empire as also in other european colonies.Pedophile could literally rape children without facing penalties.
ghostrecon says2016-07-31T07:31:22.9891916Z
@ BaxterDebate You don't agree with my announcement ? Please respond to my question.
BaxterDebate says2016-08-03T09:12:12.4490804Z
@Ghostrecon I am unaware of which announcement you are referring to. "The roman catholic church promulgated 1917..." First off its the Roman Catholics; Catholicism has more in common with Hinduism than it does Christianity. (They take Biblical names and over lay them onto the Hindu gods. Drawing from Babylonian worship of Semiramis "Queen of Heaven" and Tammuz) Back in the dark ages, the average life expectancy was around 31.3 years, if you scale that with modern life spans of 70+ and the average age of conception today (Using today's morals to judge the acceptable maturing time of a female), 14 years old is not unfounded to begin procreation. Logistics aside, Catholic priests who take alter boys and have their way with them should be held up to biblical standards (Luke 17:2) The Bible, that Christians use does not condone the actions of theses priests, nor does it condone penance, or Mary worship, or even acknowledge the Popes right to rewrite it or forgive sins. "Roman catholic pope are merely perverts people.They should be incarcerated for life.Don't let them walk away easily and abuse children !!!!!" -- To this I agree "Does christians and bibilical interpretation approve pedophilia ?"-- To this I say no, it does not.
stephannoi says2016-08-03T11:25:22.6447634Z
@BaxterDebate But the British colony didn't enact law against Child Sex abuse.There is no age of consent in England from 12th-19th Century .
stephannoi says2016-08-03T11:28:21.1099074Z
I am wondering why 13 American colonies and purtian settles reinstated Death Penalty for Male Gay and sodomities Not for pedophile and Child molester.
BaxterDebate says2016-08-03T11:28:31.4835665Z
And is that the fault of Christians and the Bible or of the law makers?
stephannoi says2016-08-03T11:29:28.7519410Z
@BaxterDebate Can you explain me why ??
BaxterDebate says2016-08-03T11:35:18.8542004Z
I'm not up on colonial American history, but one might ask why they did not have a law about abusing animals back than either. It may have been common practice not to abuse children and there was not enough cases of abuse to take notice and create a law governing against it.
stephannoi says2016-08-03T13:55:09.0199680Z
@BaxterDebate Yes Christianity are to blame because they dominated most of European colonies during 15th-19th century.

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