Does DEBATE.Org delete your polls/opinions when you rag on Lefties/Liberals?

Posted by: themassesaredumb

Arting to notice this site removes content that is against Liberials... Biased much DEBATE.Org? It won't stop our thoughts...

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Wolfram says2016-08-06T17:01:27.4654794Z
Only one way to find out, themassesaredumb. "morsu esca est." scheme. Hey, Liberals. Did you know that pushing your ideas of equality, affirmative action and the change is not rooted in the reality. Political correctness on media? BLM? Feminism? Affirmative Action for STEMs because of "meh sexism against women? What's next? "We need to open our borders for refugees!" You are nothing but a problem of the world. Nothing more than a fool who believed he can solve the problems in the world.

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