Does Evil and Suffering mean there is no God

Posted by: sheaallan

Need statistics for a Rmps assignment

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reece says2016-08-20T17:13:25.1188109Z
@sheaallan Are you asking the right question?
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-20T17:32:00.2011809Z
God is the father of evil and suffering. You think too highly of God.
sheaallan says2016-08-20T17:38:38.5185342Z
For my RMPS assignment I have to disuss both sides of this argument hence why I asked this in a poll to get peoples opinions. I, myself don't believe in God but I feel it is and interestomg topic
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-20T17:41:22.6627864Z
God wanted intelligent companions to join him in his universe, and was willing to risk imposing all sorts of misery on them to get that. Evil and suffering are a byproduct of God creating a universe that could support intelligent biological life.
sheaallan says2016-08-20T17:43:47.4161143Z
But thank you for your opinion @juan_pablo_4_hillary
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-08-20T17:54:00.2192425Z
All matter (and space) can feel pain. But God raised the level to which it could be articulated inside of a material body. By giving material bodies a capacity for heightened intelligence (like him), he allowed these bodies to recognize their own mortality (impending deaths). The intelligent, self-aware universe (who God most definitely is) invited evil and suffering by creating a complex universe that could support life.
qw4555g5 says2016-08-21T13:36:58.0579916Z
Evil people create evil by their evil actions
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-15T02:35:57.8739602Z
Evil is the absense of good. God is the Father of good
Black-Jesus says2016-09-15T11:37:12.9653027Z
@DiEgO123100, so evil is the absence of God? So God's not omnipresent?
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-15T22:33:47.5743249Z
Not at all. God is omnipresent, yet if there was no evil, good wouldn't exist either, because there wouldn't be anything to contradict good and make good "good"
Black-Jesus says2016-09-17T01:08:16.1623312Z
@DiEgO123100, so evil isn't the absence of God?

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