Does Free Speech mean "free speech for all", even on someone else's stuff?

Posted by: Forthelulz

Does Free speech have limits on other people's things?

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Free Speech means free speech for all

Already done for you, hect.
5 votes

No. It's their stuff, their rules

2 votes

Yes. Thanks for letting me use your stuff!

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hect says2015-06-06T23:15:16.3756775-05:00
@Forthelulz: you don't own the poll you post you clown
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T02:47:06.3783098-05:00
I know. It's all DDO IP. Okay, here's what you do. You go onto your search engine of choice, and look up a heartwarming tale called "Squad Broken" There, you will learn why the "evil" mods censor people.
hect says2015-06-07T03:50:43.1342454-05:00
Wtf is 14chan?
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T04:16:52.8460766-05:00
Just read it.
hect says2015-06-07T04:35:50.4832460-05:00
Yeah I'm not going to read all that can you summarize it
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T04:37:40.6174707-05:00
An Ork roughs up a Blood Angel named Eduardo, and eventually kills him.
hect says2015-06-07T04:40:15.1726439-05:00
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T04:40:58.1046695-05:00
It's rated T on FFN, and it's there too.
hect says2015-06-07T04:44:17.4536487-05:00
I don't know what rated 'T' or 'ffn' means.
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T04:44:45.7286468-05:00
It's rated for teenagers on FanFictionDotNet.
hect says2015-06-07T04:51:25.5643358-05:00
What's the relevance anyway?
Forthelulz says2015-06-07T05:00:32.5888553-05:00
Read it. Then imagine it being posted on DDO.
TBR says2015-06-07T09:51:40.7606260-05:00
For the love of... Hect, its some poorly write homo-erotic fiction. Look, for what its worth, I am no on ether "side" on this one. I think the DDO filter needs to be removed, and I think moderators have a job (or some system of moderation - as I have proposed jury's). Regardless, the amount of hand-wringing from some about what should be seen is like a flash back to Footloose the movie. Are peoples eyeballs going to melt if they see a post describing sex? Hasn't happened yet. Can I say "poop" without the insane filter thinking I am going to hell - lets see.
Jesusorgy96 says2015-06-14T12:27:43.5457575-05:00
Freedom of speech, but not freedom from the consequences.

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