Does god hate fags?

Posted by: YourCensored

The Bible never lies. . . Or does it?

  • Yes

  • No

35% 12 votes
65% 22 votes
  • God hates sin. Homosexuality, In Judeo-Christian Scripture, Is not treated as a lifestyle. It is referred to nowhere in the papyri, As anything other than sin/rebellion against God/a thing contrary to His nature/the way He created Man. It is not something He made, Iow. So, Brace for impact, It's a Choice. The reverse choice is, Nancy, Just Say 'NO'. Any retort of "Good cannot hate", Or "there is no such thing as 'perfect hate'" (the Scriptures say otherwise), Is the classic fallacy of limiting God. To repeat, THE BIBLE TREATS THIS AS ACTS FORBIDDEN. God's condemnation, Isn't based on You, But upon "what you are doing". At a given point, These become integral (consult your middle finger). So, Does he hate the Letters People? Only if ya die that way. We're all gonna go. Look at your phone--what time is it now?

  • The Bible does make it pretty clear that god is not a fan of gay people. It contradicts its self more than a few times but the god hates gay people message was pretty consistent. However the bible also makes it clear that god hates people who masturbate too. As well as anyone who engages in any sexual activity outside of marriage (except for a few instances where incest and/or polygamy was ok for some reason). The bible describes some pretty horrific fates for all these people. So yes god hates gay people but he also hates a lot of the things the average christian does on a regular basis. So it isn't a very good excuse for homophobia "judge not lest ye be judged" and all that.

  • God hate no one

  • god isnt real

  • God doesn't care about petty things like if we use flags or not.

  • God loves everyone all are sinners all sin all fall short of the glory of god


  • no im a gay student as well and i belive that it is our right to be loved

  • No, But I do believe it is a sin. Everyone sins and no sin is greater than the other. God is a God of love, Christians who spread hate and tell you you are going to hell for being gay aren't real Christians. Most Christians today are very hypocritical and I apologize for that on behalf of them.

  • A being that does not exist cannot hate

  • People who are, Are as close to someone who is worthy of hate as you can get, But God still does love all men and wish for them all to be saved. So in consideration of the fact he wishes good for all men, He loves all men in some ways.

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-09-09T02:18:14.6534385Z
Thank You to (whoever; didn't even read your username before Deleting). I had neglected to turn off all Notifications, In Settings. Antithetical as it sounds, I'm not here to debate. If I thought like you, I Would Already BE You.
Thomas57 says2019-09-09T13:37:25.2095498Z
Anyone that thinks jesus is a god, Is pretty screwed up by your leaders, They have misinformed you by them themselves not reading the Old before getting to the new, I am Sorry for you that you think you are a jesus judge, However did you know that jesus wasnt involved with a woman, How do you know that he wasn't gay. Get very cheesed off when Jesus's and his Judges condemn other's and will go to hell, How do you know that these don't believe in God the almighty your creator, That you walked away from. Yet you trust in false hood, How can you say does god hate gays, According to christians is it not jesus that died for your sins, So why are you so worried about gay people jesus has already died for them gays. If you take christians word and their s law, Their is no logical sense in it. How can jesus ask the father why have you forsaken me, And now christians and the stupid Roman catholic church which actually killed jesus believe he was god. The jews and the rest of mankind believe that he will come from the blood line of KIng David, So you telling me the King David is actually GOD's father, And if jesus is the only son of GOD then you are wasting your time effort and most of all your money that you give to the bloody churches. JESUS Followers stop condemning, You are going to judge by the almighty.
debate_team_queen says2019-09-13T00:54:25.4567174Z
God will never hate anyone. It is a sin but he still loves the people that you call "fags".
6ftChadly says2019-09-19T23:36:23.6736659Z
God made us straight

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