Does Hillary Clinton being a woman make you want to vote for her more?

Posted by: birdlandmemories

I saw this poll on Fox News and wanted to see the opinions on it here

34 Total Votes

No. I could care less if she's a woman

16 votes

I wasn't going to vote for her ar all

12 votes


6 votes
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Texas14 says2015-04-13T22:38:05.3775355-05:00
It's such a stupid thing to vote for or against someone based on a characteristic they can't control. Obama and Hillary both have sketchy pre presidential backgrounds such as being influenced by far left radicals like Saul Alinsky. What if a Republican candidate had been influenced by a right wing radical? The left seems to nominate the most popular candidate with the people that don't really pay attention to politics.
birdlandmemories says2015-04-14T00:03:59.8148098-05:00
Texas14 I agree I just can't help but laugh at the poll results.
imabench says2015-04-14T00:33:56.9046884-05:00
People who are saying yes arent saying that they are voting for her BECAUSE she is a woman though, they are only saying that because she is a woman it does effect their vote.
birdlandmemories says2015-04-14T00:44:27.0233705-05:00
Ah, makes more sense. Funny how I made the poll and couldn't interpret it correctly. Massive fail.
Wylted says2015-04-14T04:16:21.5612902-05:00
I'm too logically minded. I just care about a person's policies. I don't see the thrill in electing a woman. We all know it can be done, and will be done, but we need to make sure the first woman would actually be a good president, and Hillary will not be.

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