• Yes

  • No

46% 12 votes
54% 14 votes
  • To an extent. Having the ability to "self-destruct" would be good. I don't really wanna be floating in space for septillions of centuries lol.

  • I have a few punk kids whose graves I want to dance on. Being immortal makes sure I live long enough to do it.

  • It appeals to everyone, anyone saying no is in denial. People seek it by pretending to have an afterlife or by becoming legendary and remaining known forever or through seeking the fountain of youth.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Somewhat.

  • Yeah. I'd like to experience everything once.

  • I would be able to see everything I ever wanted to. That and I think I would be able to do some good things. But I would not want myself to be the only one, due if that was the case I would be lonely by my self out liveing everyone I knew.

  • Of course

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