Does it disgrace Christianity to have people treat the bible 100% literally?

Posted by: Donderpants

I personally find it slightly embarrassing, we must seem like idiots to atheists, believing in things that have been proven false. However, this might just be a personal thing, thought I'd see if others agree.

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Yes, people taking the bible literally disgrace Christianity

The bible has proven by science and logic to be wrong in many, many regards. To treat it as literally as some Christians do essentially makes all non-christians have a negative view on Christianity as a whole.
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No, people taking it literally are respecting their religion better

To treat the bible as entirely true despite all the evidence showing it to be wrong in many aspects is a sign of truer faith- a sign of faith that refuses to be shaken by simple fact.
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No for another reason

Please state why.
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Christians disgrace Christianity.

I felt I had to include this when I thought of it. Please present your reason for choosing this if/when you choose it.
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Yes for another reason

Please state why.
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The church cannot be disgraced.

The church is immortal, and will always have heavenly and mortal support. Screw logic and science, people taking the bible literally can't hurt the church as it's too powerful.
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TBR says2015-08-25T15:34:52.3929452Z
I know a couple of actual "followers of Christ". There is nothing to mock about them, they are not bothering anyone, they are helping everyone they can. Yes, yes, it is the mega churches. Its the fools and easily fooled. Its the violent and angry. I think its all true, but I question why Christians who AREN'T like that don't say more. Its a little like calls for moderate Muslims. It is very rare that you see a Christian stand up and say "well, these folk are a negative, sorry about them"
benhos says2015-08-26T21:23:15.8712952Z
It doesn't disgrace Christianity. It shows the true Christianity, the violent, unreasonable, horrible thing that it is. A lot of fake Christians try to back in and say that the Old Testament isn't valid anymore or something else. I'm sorry if I came off a bit harsh but all of this has me really worked up.
harrydz says2015-10-23T23:38:25.4760128Z
No. Science often changes it's mind about things, as scientists make new discoveries. But I doubt mainstream science in general terms will ever align with the Bible teachings. For example, if dinosaur bones are real, perhaps they were really dragons, which are mentioned in the Bible along with sea monsters. In terms of not permitting same-sex marriage, the church should love people who have a same sex relationship but they should not approve of this union or marry same sex people.

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