Does it matter what bathroom Transgender people use

Posted by: hcd1997

  • Yes

  • No

56% 15 votes
44% 12 votes
  • i always think about this every time i use a public washroom. I think they should have there own washroom. even at the gym they should also have there own changing room. Because after all, it is like providing free life porn for them at every public service. You wouldn't want a guy in the lady's washroom watching them get change now would you? same as you would not want a girl in the boys change room. this should not be that complex the way i see it.

  • Transgender people should use the bathroom of the gender they were born. I can't say for the men, but for me (female) it would be extremely awkward to have a transgender that is supposed to be a male watching me change.

  • Bathrooms are not based on gender (or sexual preferences) they are based on sex (male/female).

  • You use the one for what sex you are. If we let any old fuck into any old washroom then I could "identify as a female" and strut around the women's washroom.

  • Yes it matters because it adds dangers of abduction.

    Posted by: Fernyx
  • You people are SOOOOO stupid. So your birth sex determines which bathroom you have to go into? That means you'll have M-to-F transgenders who walk, look, act, and talk like a woman going into the men's bathroom and vice versa! Imagine how uncomfortable that would be for both parties! Most of you who have been in a public bathroom have probably been in one with a transgender and didn't even notice. This is incredibly stupid! Should a gay man have to go into the girl's bathroom?? A lesbian into a boy's bathroom??

    Posted by: bhakun
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hcd1997 says2016-02-25T22:37:33.7900527Z
You are all sexist people
Anonymous says2016-02-26T01:01:27.3652966Z
It is not sexist. Allowing transgenders into any washroom defeats the whole purpose of gender separate washrooms. If you support seperate gender washrooms, then you are also sexist if we go by your defintion.
BrendanD19 says2016-02-26T02:30:03.9885773Z
Here is the problem with bathroom bully laws: Transgender man walks into woman's restroom, as is required by law, the women in the bathroom freakout, thinks it is a pervert, cops are called, transgender man is arrested.
Anonymous says2016-02-26T02:45:03.4279429Z
Yeah because they feel uncomfortable with it. It's not gender based like I mentioned earlier, I meant to say sex based. Regardless of you being trans, it doesn't matter. We have unisex bathrooms, so it's not like they have no where to go.
Anomie22 says2016-02-26T07:01:16.6556886Z
Unless they have undergone surgery to alter gentalia and appearance, I'd say yes.
hcd1997 says2016-02-26T18:23:58.0023734Z
WE all use the same Toilets at home so should it matter at school
Emrys98 says2016-03-04T13:30:02.0247607Z
Just out of curiosity, all you people saying they should go in the bathroom of the sex they were born with, what would you think about a transgender person who has had surgery? Would you still want them to go in the bathroom they were born as, even though they've changed?
Heterodox says2016-03-05T03:58:49.2394908Z
@Emrys98 Yes. A man that has surgery to replace his penis with a vagina, is still a man (that had surgery to get a vagina). Same goes with a woman that has surgery to acquire a penis, still a woman.
turntechloser2 says2016-05-29T00:58:49.1032598Z
If you're going to a bathroom to take a piss should it really matter which one you go into. Imagine a Female-to-Male who has to use the bathroom. If he goes into the women's bathroom the women will think he looks to much as a man and start screaming and causing trouble. If he goes into the male's bathroom he could get beat up or they could cause trouble. I honestly think that there should be a third bathroom for other genders to feel comfortable.
bhakun says2016-05-30T18:13:37.5022960Z
@Heterodox how do you define if someone is a man or woman? Penis/vagina? Because some people have neither. Chromosomes? Genetics?

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