Does it matter what gender you are?

Posted by: TheINFJNala

Do the physical and chemical differences between men and women really set us apart? Or are they just stereotypical gender roles?

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No, because...

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Yes, because...

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I don't know what you're asking

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PetersSmith says2015-04-08T12:40:09.9356679-05:00
Yes, because a male and a female are required to mate. With only one gender, there would be no population.
Tumblrnatic says2015-04-08T12:41:28.4604819-05:00
@peterssmith hermaphrodites eg snails, need I say more.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-08T12:41:53.0653130-05:00
PetersSmith, female only species exist.
PetersSmith says2015-04-08T12:44:48.4056105-05:00
Tumblrnatic: Well, I believe this poll is talking about humans, so...
Tumblrnatic says2015-04-08T12:45:43.4966235-05:00
Peterssmith well it doesn't say it is!
PetersSmith says2015-04-08T12:47:12.5683080-05:00
Tumblrnatic: It says "does it matter what gender YOU are", which implies it's talking about us as a species. Unless you're a different species, because on the internet no one knows you're a cat.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-08T12:51:56.9309447-05:00
Well technically you could turn humans into a female only species.
PetersSmith says2015-04-08T12:53:17.9640104-05:00
Mathgeekjoe: You could, but we don't have the technology to have females breed with each other yet and now you're being unrealistic.
genesis01 says2015-04-08T13:57:06.4653599-05:00
@PetersSmith that's exactly why gay marriage shouldn't be legal.
genesis01 says2015-04-08T13:57:36.3855845-05:00
A male and female are required to mate but two of the same people can't.
tcutshaw2 says2015-04-08T14:29:17.1947960-05:00
@genesis Are you saying same sex marriage should be illegal because it doesn't produce offspring? People don't just get married to have children. They do it to form a maritial bond with their partner. There are even heterosexual couples who literally can't have kids due to infertility issues. They still love each other and get married. Infertility is not a good reason to deny someone marriage.
genesis01 says2015-04-08T15:35:38.7516599-05:00
Homosexuals are selfish because of that. They just care about themselves and not society's sake. If they did, they would be helping society by reproducing.
briantheliberal says2015-04-08T15:38:13.5315806-05:00
Genesis, what the hell. THERE ARE 7 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, most of which are in fact heterosexual. And not only that, homosexuals DO reproduce, I personally know a few who have biological and adopted children who's HETEROSEXUAL parents abandoned, abused or were unable to care for them. If anyone is selfish, and illogical, it's you.
genesis01 says2015-04-08T15:56:49.1268505-05:00
They still didn't reproduce, that's just adopting.
Sophia13 says2015-04-08T19:49:45.9608387-05:00
Having two caregivers of the same gender is better for a child than having none at all.
briantheliberal says2015-04-08T20:41:48.6139038-05:00
I clearly biological AND adopted children. Many gay people have biological children of their own.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-08T20:45:44.9960842-05:00
Woah, hey, folks. Gender differences, remember? Not gay marriage and gay rights; gender differences
Sophia13 says2015-04-08T21:02:51.9713722-05:00
Lol, sorry @Black-Jesus, this is where most discussions end up these days
AFism says2015-04-08T21:20:55.2925387-05:00
Hey black Jesus, I like your name! People need to know the truth. By the way I think that what comes with gender is a social construction, although i do believe in the validity of marriage so there you go. Everyone else has the right to do as they please.
Black-Jesus says2015-04-08T21:29:10.2768068-05:00
@AFism, thanks; I thought it would piss off Christian white supremacists. You see, guys? Some people can play nice
AFism says2015-04-08T22:07:36.4370695-05:00
Ha! @Black-Jesus If it pisses them off just quote the bible. Jesus had wooly hair and bronze skin for gods sake! How do you get fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes from that? Oh wait, you don't!
Sophia13 says2015-04-08T23:25:37.1738536-05:00
Agreed, it is a fact that Jesus was a man of colour.

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