Does it seem like a joke when USA talks about human right?

Posted by: shalal12

Paste this in google images "us has used illegal weapons in fallujah iraq infant" and look at the new born babies who are effected by illegal weapons!

  • Yes!

  • No!

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • Really, though, it's a bit of a joke when any country or government talks about them.

  • The United States is the greatest force in our modern world for the furtherment of human rights. Furthermore, phosphorus gas as a weapon of war is not actually illegal according to international law.

  • Maybe the babies wouldn't die if the Arab combatants wouldn't use children, women or the elderly as shields against bullets. And it's not like children haven't been killed by their own people as a publicity stunt to stir anger against the US. And please tell us how the Arabs are all about human rights when the chickenshit jihadists wear masks to hide their face when they behead a drugged infidel? Or how the cowardice men "honor" kill the women? Or what about the cowards that rape girls as young as 9 years of age because the nasty pervert Muhammad did it? And please go on about suicide bombers. I think your beef is because you folks don't like competition when it comes to killing other Arab muslims since you Neanderthals have been at it for over 2 thousand years.

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triangle.128k says2016-08-05T13:53:36.9184500Z
I feel like almost no Iranians understand what human rights are...

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