Does it seem that black people are more aggressive, Bold and negative?

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Not at all

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Now that I think of it yes

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Anonymous says2019-07-31T22:41:21.7911876Z
This is just a survey for cultural difference purposes
aprilberneck says2019-08-01T07:46:39.4964097Z
How can you even ask that, I swear, . There is racist every where i Look, . I hope this question can get pulled, . Its disgusting, . Are Red people more shy, . I mean do you see the point, . God help us all, . Social media was not meant for this kind of question, . Crazy people, . Go home, Love your family, You never know how long you have with them, . An stop all this stupid crapp, .
robouryman says2019-08-01T19:56:35.9500697Z
How is this in any way productive to society?
billsands says2019-08-02T10:28:13.5470165Z
Everyone is angry. . More than white people? Thats hard to say white people are pretty stupid and angry too
davidsmtih says2019-08-03T02:29:16.2077493Z
The only people who bullied me at school were black and my worst doctor was black. They also commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime.
MitchV says2019-08-04T07:14:56.9690595Z
@aprilberneck, Is it racist to point out that black people tend to be darker or are more prone to having sickle cell anemia or would it just be pointing out actual facts? Is it racist to point out that black men tend to dominate the most violent sports (football and boxing)? Odds are, Black people may be proud that they are so highly represented in such popular sports. What they may be less proud of is that they are also highly represented in criminal activity such as murder and gang activity. Dismissing something as racist just because you don;t want to accept facts is a typical move to evade the truth. Personally, I don't care what color a person is. I know good and bad people at both ends of the color scale and those in-between. There may be other reasons why it seams they are more prone to aggression. Many/most of them have likely been told from a young age that they are being discriminated against. They become indoctrinated into this mindset and anything negative they are likely to attribute to racism. If they get pulled over or denied a job, They assume it's because of their race and not because of their driving or work qualifications and in turn reinforces their paranoia. Many may be so convinced that being black will keep them from success so may make them more prone to look for other careers such as sports or crime. The problem with that mindset is that they forget that there are many black people who have achieved great success in every field from politics (Obama) to entertainment (Oprah). Clearly they did not go with the assumption that their skin color will prevent them from achieving great goals.
badass_asian_bitch says2019-08-06T13:25:48.2051380Z
Bullshit. All people are equally assholes. Though maybe white people more because they are racist to all other races but themselves.
OCHAP says2019-08-07T00:33:29.9719076Z
Honestly, Some are and some aren't. Some white people are, Others aren't. We can't judge a race or group of people by what one person does. All races have upsides and downsides. If you answered the second answer, You are FREAKING racist.
MitchV says2019-08-07T14:28:34.5175541Z
@OCHAP, I can't speak for others as they may be racist but didn't check the 2nd box out of racism but based on actual objective evidence that points to black people being more prone to aggression. This does not mean all black people are but just they are more prone to it. Tho it could be genetic, I lean toward environmental causes. From an early age, They are told about how white people enslaved them and how even after slavery ended, White people continued to discriminate against them. That is all true but much of what they are lead to believe is not. For instance, Many have formed the idea that they have no chance of success so may not even try. Some may try but might not get immediate results so give up believing that it was racism that stopped them so why try again? They are basically letting what they have been told and lead to believe hold them back. This is not the doing of white people but that of others around them and themselves. Yes, Racism is still out there but it's much less prevalent today and there are laws to punish those found guilty of acting on their racist views. Black people can't really put the blame on white people anymore as they are powerless to stop their success unless they are actually better at the goal for instance someone could get that promotion or business deal if they are better in the field. To give evidence of how racism is not the issue in black people getting success, Look at all the black people who have become successful in their respective fields. The biggest is Obama. Did his race hold him back from being the most powerful person in the most powerful country? No. In fact, A lot of white people must have voted for him over his white opponents. Sure, Some people may have voted against him based on his race but it's also obvious that many people voted for him because of his race. Basically, If a black man can become the most powerful person on earth and put there by mostly white people, Black people can't really use racism as an excuse.
Elemental11221 says2019-08-09T05:37:40.8152179Z
I'm not even gonna bother. This question is the epitome of racism. May I remind you, It was mostly white people who committed the shootings?
John_Ostroff says2019-08-09T09:14:24.7998785Z
Not really. White people just got weaker, More cowardly, And blindly optimistic.
epiqgamer says2019-08-09T22:57:32.2411975Z
can't argue with the facts, YES this isnt about racism btw im not being racist
japandy says2019-08-11T08:02:24.6142346Z
Thirty years ago the majority of people in the world lived in rural areas and mens' jobs were basically blue collared work, So men could release their stresses into their work. Migration was becoming more common especially people from the African, South American and Asian mainlands. Work, What they did, Was manual jobs based in the urban areas so to cut costs they moved into urban areas that were for centuries deprived. Being in another culture, That was so different from their own, Hard work and small salaries put a strain on relationships, And of course there was not the elder family members around to help them in their struggles, So families broke up. Thirty years later most countries are now becoming urbanised as local governments compete for governmental finances but these have become areas of stress, Conflict and crime. Previously, Because most areas were populated by immigrants it looked like black and brown skinned people were the cause of crime but as we recently see as more white middle and working class people move into these urban 'jungles' skin colour is not the issue or cause of innercity crime but the persons' living condition. Therefore, The reason why people of African and Asian heritage are perceived to be more aggressive is because they were urbanized at an earlier time compared to their European neighbours.
MitchV says2019-08-11T14:51:49.3794975Z
@Elemental11221, RE: "May I remind you, It was mostly white people who committed the shootings? " Actually that's false. Sure, It's usually a white person at the center of these mass shootings but these are actually quite rare compared to the tons of other shootings in the country. According to the D. O. J. Black people commit over 51% of the homicides each year even tho they are only about 12-14% of the population. This means that a black person is about 8 times more likely to commit murder. (*) These are not racist opinions but actual facts. (*) https://www. Bjs. Gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008. Pdf (Page 3)
AssassinZ says2019-08-12T12:24:58.0395446Z
Lol people just love to always point fingers to something that doesn't actually hold any substance to society as a whole. In conclusion this question is dumb.
AssassinZ says2019-08-12T12:28:58.7787446Z
This is a dumb debate. Why do people even begin to post stuff like this. Like for instance how does this even remotely contribute to helping anything related to society lol
MitchV says2019-08-12T14:16:40.0076835Z
@AssassinZ, "something that doesn't actually hold any substance to society as a whole" So your saying that racism and the belief in racism has nothing to do with society as a whole? Tho I agree that the influence of racism in the U. S. Is no longer an important factor, The false narrative that people are being fed does have a direct effect in today's society as you can't turn on the evening news without hearing about someone making racist claims. "This is a dumb debate. " This is a poll, Not a debate. "how does this even remotely contribute to helping anything related to society" I can't speak for others but I have given some constructive criticism that could help people who believe the false narrative. What I think is funny is how many democrats cry out about how racist people in this country are yet tell minorities to come here for better treatment.
robjohn says2019-08-27T22:58:17.5492077Z
Its a racially charged question that assumes all blacks are alike. Shame
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-09-09T04:20:46.6722385Z
I assume all NO votes are part of the latest Biosphere, And have had no movement/fleshly contact with the outside world since Keith Olbermann was The Voice of News. Here's hoping you all voted for legal euthanasia, As well.

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