Does it worry you that Disneyland hires an alarming number of child rapists & sex offenders?

Posted by: discomfiting

Not that they knowingly are hiring rapists or child offenders, but the fact they (i guess) accidentally hire them and there's a lot of them.

  • Nah, it doesn't bother me.

  • Yeah, that's REALLY alarming!

17% 1 votes
83% 5 votes
  • There are ALOT of them there. My grandfather and grandmother, workers at Disney, can both testify an alarming amount have been hired. In fact, here's a disturbing example

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BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-15T11:39:25.0413719-05:00
There was a school trip to disneyland paris last weak...Don't you have to check that they aren't to hire them?
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-15T11:56:06.3505682-05:00
I don't know if I believe this.
discomfiting says2014-07-15T12:13:40.1717406-05:00
I was watching a video about Florida's disneyland large # of rapists and child sex offenders and how they can't make sure they aren't offenders always because they don't always have records and can't be polygraphed. This is just one example. Http://www.Dailymail.Co.Uk/news/article-1360920/Man-raped-year-old-girl-Sea-World-saved-pictures-phone.Html
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-15T12:56:03.2043190-05:00
I do not give the dailyfail clicks.
discomfiting says2014-07-15T12:57:02.1627553-05:00

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