Does knowing your own dispositions and inclinations increase your level of free will?

Posted by: Kreakin

  • Yes, you can factor these in to a choice.

  • No, the outcome would be the same regardless.

56% 5 votes
44% 4 votes
  • If you are aware of your instincts and able to control them then yes you have more free will i would think.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Free will is mainly an opinion in itself. If I eat an apple. People may say I did it cause I was a hungry( a necessity) or I might say because I wanted to. It all depends on your perspective. Now that that is established, I will say knowing the reasons why you should or should not do something does make it easier to make a decision ; but you would be a fool to think that people always do the thing that has least resistance.

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Kreakin says2015-03-31T09:34:50.9265868-05:00
It seems not many people are happy to entertain the idea of going against their dispositions. I guess it is called a comfort zone for a reason and the path of least resistance does apply.

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