Does man-made global warming exist?

Posted by: ben_chezz

On the affirmative side, there is enough evidence to significantly back it up without a doubt. As well as this, the vast majority of the scientific community believes and knows that it is true. This evidence is backed up by the massive influence it has had on world governing organisations such as the United Nations and the numerous environmental groups it has spawned.

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Man-made global warming exists

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Global warming is caused naturally

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Global warming is a myth

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Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-01-23T07:22:34.2261192-06:00
I have no idea where you are getting your facts but you have been mislead! Their has NOT been conclusive evidence provided by global warming Scientist to prove that Global climate changes are solely due to human interaction with the earth. However in states like California who practice Global Warming as if it were a Religion they still have problems and they are the number one "Green Energy" state in the USA. Look at Jupiter, scientist are discovering that Jupiter is getting warmer and there are no known SUV's or Human life their to create climate change on Jupiter. Warming and Cooling of the Earth has everything to do with the Sun's Axis. I can get on board that humans have a small foot print in the world with pollution, but we are not the sole cause that calls for extreme changes like Global Scientist are calling for. Common sense would suggest that these scientist love having the POWER to control Government and receiving literally Billions of Dollars to research at their discretion. A quick Google search will Yield you some of the Top Global Warming Scientist that have their hands in the Green Energy programs, therefore they are literally trying to steer human fears to buy up all the products they are producing to line their pockets with money. When i see CSPAN meetings on Global Warming and EPA Administrators are telling Senators without conclusive evidence why they need more money for Research on Global Warming effects for Companies and they cannot come up with anything other than "I just hear what Global Warming Scientist tell me" that's why we need more money! Http://www.Breitbart.Com/Big-Government/2013/09/16/PLS-HOLD-FOR-TUESDAY-9-17-AFTER-11AM-ET-Climate-Study-Evidence-Leans-Against-Human-Caused-Global-Warming
TS-387 says2014-01-23T08:11:58.0710749-06:00
The point of global warming is not that if not for humans, the temperature would stay exactly the same (that's natural), it's that through human interference it's speeding up the warming cycle. It's perfectly natural for the warming-cooling cycle (Caused by carbon dioxide/lack of carbon dioxide, it's what causes ice ages) but without humans it would not be going as fast as it is now.
tylergraham95 says2014-01-23T10:40:59.2045659-06:00
@SSD I would gladly debate this topic with you, if you really think that you have a tenable position.
Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-01-23T13:01:52.0924869-06:00
@TylerGraham, What is the point, you are going to find all of your facts on Pro-Climate Change Scientists blogs, Lefts websites and ignore Bi-partisan Scientific data that comes from anywhere but YOUR favorite website! Are you a scientist? Me Neither but i have common sense in understanding when a small group of Scientist are feeding me a line of Bull Crap!
PotBelliedGeek says2014-01-23T16:11:45.9156025-06:00
@ssd I am a scientist, and I would love to debate, but I don't have the time. You could open a thread in the forums though.
BrunoFarber0059 says2014-01-23T23:58:16.2021622-06:00
PotbelliedGeek Knows all about this topic! But in my simpleton way I will say this, put 500 hundred people in an elevator with no ventilation and see how long it takes for there to be natural heat rising. No brainer.
abyteofbrain says2014-01-24T08:59:34.0657480-06:00
The earth is far different. That analogy stinks. Our earth has a massive space of near zero surrounding it. There are many natural processes which raise and lower the temperature. If it's as simple as you say, and we couldn't los any heat, the earth would be a few million degrees simply from the sun.
PotBelliedGeek says2014-01-25T10:41:20.9820145-06:00
No one says that we can't lose any heat. We are saying that we are gradually adding insulation to our atmosphere, and that is causing climate change.
abyteofbrain says2014-01-25T12:51:41.9852461-06:00
If your referring to CO2, it doesn't work quite like "insulation."
ben_chezz says2014-02-04T05:11:14.2097085-06:00
I wonder who thought it was a myth, because they have been exposed to incorrect information. Global warming exists, humankind has significantly impacted on climate change. Dismmissing it as a myth is ignorant.
abyteofbrain says2014-02-05T09:03:54.7074602-06:00
Believing in it is ignorant. Those who do simply listen to the mass media without doing a well-rounded research themselves.
reece says2014-02-05T18:43:34.7202058-06:00
@abyteofbrain who do you think has done the research of global warming that has lead to people believing it's caused by us....Professionals.Whats you're evidence that disprove the well excepted general notion of global worming?
reece says2014-02-05T18:43:58.8690740-06:00
@abyteofbrain Who do you think has done the research of global warming that has lead to people believing it's caused by us...Professionals.Whats you're evidence that disprove the well excepted general notion of global worming?
abyteofbrain says2014-02-05T22:31:08.2294026-06:00
Not much actual research has been done to give evidence for it. The reason for the massive amounts of people who believe in it is because of the massive media attantion.
seraphobia says2014-02-11T10:23:50.5180017-06:00
I like tacos and rolos and pizza and food and edible stuff and paper.
seraphobia says2014-02-11T10:27:00.4469584-06:00
But really manmade global warming exists
officeskuxx says2014-06-10T20:57:26.3251774-05:00
reece says2014-09-12T19:55:36.3942713-05:00
@abyteofbrainWhat BS.Whats your evidence?
korean_jesus says2014-10-28T08:21:54.8358197-05:00
Global warming is your mother
korean_jesus says2014-10-28T08:23:00.6838418-05:00
Whats ur face? UGLY! THATS WHAT!
Aquamarine5551 says2014-12-05T10:38:50.7111531-06:00
"the vast majority of the scientific community believes and knows that it is true" now there's the scariest thing said in this debate. Did you know that the vast majority of scientists, politicians, and celebrities supported the theory of eugenics? Hitler had to set them straight, unfortunately. Never in the history of man has there existed a more pusillanimous group than "scientists" who get pushed around and told what to believe or lose their tenure, grants, credibility. The last brave scientist after Galileo the heretic, all the ones who support the notion that global is nothing more than the result of natural phenomena.
AlexandertheGreat919 says2015-03-25T14:52:27.8013960-05:00
Look at this: it is real and validated.
cadangore2004 says2015-11-24T13:09:37.1113522Z
Yes global exist
Quadrunner says2016-02-22T17:46:12.9018324Z
My position is that we have only been able to accurately read temperatures for a short time, a shorter time then many small warming periods in the past. I think that man has contributed to higher levels of CO2, but the exact effect of man on the climate is mostly based on indirect correlations, and is not scientifically proven at this time. The degree of contribution keeps on changing like a diet formula. In truth science needs time, because its all based on educated guesses that stand the test of time. In other words I'm a skeptic who believes in global warming, and I certainly support lower emissions and higher environmental awareness as they could only help, but I accept that we don't know what is causing it. Man still pales in comparison to nature, and she is certainly full of surprises. I guess there was no place for me to vote here.

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