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No it doesn't

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Kinda but mostly no

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Yes it does

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Yes kinda

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triangle.128k says2016-07-31T08:49:42.5828043Z
@DOS You were calling blacks dumb and you think you can call Americans are racist?
dietorangesoda says2016-08-01T01:53:54.4501831Z
Omg and you say i have horrible grammar and i never said blacks were dumb i just said that there is a very real racial I.Q gap where blacks score lower and why i think that is
stschiffman says2016-08-01T02:09:39.2546395Z
"Multiculturalism" is just a kinder way of saying "forcing white culture out of predominantly white countries"
dietorangesoda says2016-08-01T04:10:48.5959541Z
It's not really that either because non white countries can also be multicultural like Brazil for instance however by forcing very different cultures to co exist is nearly impossible
triangle.128k says2016-08-01T06:10:55.6014360Z
@DOS Please explain how my grammar was bad.
triangle.128k says2016-08-01T06:18:34.5365732Z
I may have made a mistake with my first comment, especially considering I was typing from a phone. None the less, please look back at your statements and how awful your grammar is. For starters, your response was a run-on sentence (with no apostrophe), and you have also failed to capitalized "I" in your comment.
dietorangesoda says2016-08-01T06:58:30.1372749Z
My grammar may not be the best considering this is just the internet and i'm not typing something professional but i think you still get the jist of what i'm saying

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