Does North Korea even exist? (read description)

Posted by: UtherPenguin

Is it possible that North Korea was just a social construct created by the Chinese to make Freedom loving, God fearing Americans more submissive to Communist values?

  • It all makes sense.

  • Shut up Uther.

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes

  • 中国 wirr rise again 和 overtake 美国, sirry 美国人 are farring for our fabrications in order to become the worrd superpower.


  • It all makes sense... that Uther has issues. Heresy issues. Heresy issues so great that he wants to join Chaos.

  • I'm just a paranoid person that feels like anything horrible could happen at any time.

    Posted by: nwm200
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ButterCatX says2016-02-28T00:40:53.7084536Z
Maybe the Illuminati joined forces with the DDO Elite to create North Korea.
triangle.128k says2016-02-28T00:42:23.4192854Z
@ButterCatX stop revealing our secrets or we'll come after you D:<
UtherPenguin says2016-02-28T00:43:00.5475234Z
@triangle.128k da riben much stronk
ButterCatX says2016-02-28T01:42:41.1123128Z
@triangle I was using it to cover up the [censored by the DDO Elite] let the masses be confused by the conspiracy so that [censored by the DDO Elite] will never be noticed
PetersSmith says2016-02-28T01:47:13.8814241Z
This is completely ridiculous. We all know that we all actually live in North Korea and are in simulations where we must realize the glory of North Korea by seeing through the ruse of the lies spread by the other simulated countries. Once we travel to the simulation North Korea and swear loyalty to our Eternal Leader, then we shall wake up and witness the True Korea.
triangle.128k says2016-02-28T02:14:28.8811048Z
@ButterCatX Oh, that's good. We wouldn't want [censored by the DDO Elite] and [censored by the DDO Elite] while having everyone [censored by the DDO Elite].
Hanspete says2016-02-28T03:34:27.4718648Z
F*ck this lets just tell china to p!$$ off and while we are at it get back the fountain of youth they stole from me!
triangle.128k says2016-02-28T04:41:53.2294872Z
Zhongguo stronk
greatkitteh says2016-02-29T11:44:24.2657444Z
Utherpenguin is spreading anti eastern propoganda, but I see though it all. . . Im on to you utherpenguin. . . Im on . . .
Hanspete says2016-03-03T12:47:48.2619613Z
The illuminati got to greatkitteh

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