Does overpopulation lessen the value of human life?

Posted by: cludwig

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Yes, the more of us there are the less each individual matters

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No, every human is unique and special

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Stefy says2015-04-18T17:55:10.7718103-05:00
Whevenver people act coldly detached from human life like this its usually just to feel special or get attention in my expirience. (not saying you are your just asking the questions)
cludwig says2015-04-18T18:24:45.6977284-05:00
@Stefy - I believe this is a question worth asking. We are all hammered with the belief that we are special and unique from our teachers and our parents/family from when we are born. There is no harm in taking the time to reflect on the truth of this; perhaps it is or perhaps it isn't. I refute your statement that to ask such a question is cold and detached; it can only elevate.
Stefy says2015-04-18T18:32:29.6162464-05:00
I dont think everyone is special and unique that just isnt true. Everyine isnt a special snowflake. But their lives are all valuable. And just because theres a hugher number of human lives doesnt make human life any less valuable in any way. If a million people are alive and you kill one, and if 100 people are alive and you kill one, you are still taking a human life which is always inherently of value because its a life. Elevate what
cludwig says2015-04-18T18:44:38.3415925-05:00
We currently do not value human life equally in the manner you suggest. Clearly the punishment is always different if someone murders a homeless man vs a billionaire or president/senator. The homeless man will not get a state funeral, whereas the president will. The media and public will respond differently to the death of an anonymous homeless man compared to a celebrity or president clearly. To clarify, my use of the word 'elevate' referred to the ability of discourse to better the human condition, not detract from it.
Stefy says2015-04-18T19:04:23.2532621-05:00
Yes of course. The system is highly unfair. But just because often we dont treat human life equally that doesnt mean it all isnt equalky valuble that dosnt change. Also thats not what were discussing. Were talking about if human life as a whole is less valuable of there is overpopulation not if a single life is less valuable than another. Also it doesnt really elevate that discussion brcause its already resolved that human life is inherently valuable no metter what the situation is. Thats why murder is against the law.
cludwig says2015-04-18T19:12:38.4639635-05:00
This is where you have stumbled in your argument Stefy. I have not claimed that any human life is valueless or worthless; that is not the question of the poll. I am making the claim that while in an ideal world human value would be universal and equal, in reality that is far from the truth.
Stefy says2015-04-18T20:08:31.7662278-05:00
The value if human life is universal and equal. People just dont treat them that way.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-18T22:10:09.9668413-05:00
Suppose they all did have value. You're saying that there isn't a one person more valuable to society than another? The very worst vs. The very best? I mean, some are so bad we feel compelled to put them to death or jail them indefinitely. He may have some value ... But with 10 more being born behind him ... His worth dwindles more and more.

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