Does Pure Altruism Exist?

Posted by: PeterDun

For a school project, share your opinions.

Poll closed on 5/7/2015 at 2:00PM.
  • Yes

  • No

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50% 4 votes
  • Yes, and it is truly amazing from either end. It's that feeling when there is a large noise and you jump in front of the person you love instead of behind them. It's when you would give in a way that you could never be truly re-payed, or at all if you give your life and don't believe in any afterlife.

  • Highly unlikely but possible

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    Stefy says2015-05-06T14:53:09.8743856-05:00
    Yes. Sometimes people say it doesnt because the person helping dies it to get the good feeling. But a lot of times helping people can be inconvinient and doesnt necessarily give you that high and if you still do it thats altruism. Tge people who just help for the high twnd to not help if it gets too inconvinient.
    blackprtzl says2015-05-06T16:54:23.8108400-05:00
    Of course it does not. Human beings, just like any other animal on the biological level are selfish. When we are drowning, we could grab someone near by without them being able to escape. Humans have an instinct of self preservation, therefore we will, at least subconsciously, put ourselves above others.
    Stefy says2015-05-06T18:40:18.9759293-05:00
    On a biological level we tend toward vein selfish, but humans have the ability to ignore their baser instincts. It takes work but it is definitely possible. Thats why we don't eat our ugly babies for sustenance anymore.

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