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No,science has nothing in common with religion.Religion is merely nothing else than just a brainwash testament.

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Yes,without religious existence there would be no science.

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Religion should be abolished.There should be no freedom of religion,everyone should be converted into antheist.

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PsychicPhysicist says2016-08-01T12:23:51.3369142Z
Neither of the poll options is true. Science has a lot in common with religion in terms of the questions they try and answer: "How did we get here?", "Why is life the way it is?", "Where did the universe come from?" and so on are all questions which both religion and science try to answer. In that regard, they have a lot in common. The key difference is that science gets those questions right, or when it gets them wrong, is then corrected better science; never by religion.
MitchV says2016-08-01T15:49:10.6822376Z
@PsychicPhyicist, Science and religion are polar opposites. Where science tries to find answers to questions. Religion tries to find questions for it's one and only answer (God). This is because they believe their god as the one and only truth therefore must be the one and only answer to all questions.
Heterodox says2016-08-01T18:12:57.3621200Z
Couldn't of just left it at "yes" or "no" had to throw in your bias?
khayoom says2016-08-02T14:19:30.9973148Z
If any one have a friend who studied about quran you should ask about the link between the whole science and quran. Nearly upcoming findings shows that the wholly quran is always right in the science too.
Joey888 says2016-08-03T00:51:00.5551064Z
Religion is religion. Science is science. The two should not be confused.
Skeptical1 says2016-08-14T12:56:57.3911855Z
Does ballet play a significant role in cooking?

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