Does Roman Catholicism practice idolatry and/or polytheism?

Posted by: KidMedic

By including many "gravened images" of the virgin Mary and countless saints, and encouraging prayers to them for both intermediation and direct blessings, does it qualify as idolarous and polytheist?

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Yes, it is idolatrous, but not polytheist.

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No, it is neither.

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Yes, it is both idolatrous and polytheist.

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Yes, it is polytheist, but not idolotrous.

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lexigomez says2015-07-13T09:09:54.6901140-05:00
Religion is pointless. Having gone to school to study 6 years of history in religion, I learned its pointless.
Stefy says2015-07-13T15:55:19.4409098-05:00
Catholics dont worship mary and the other saints as Gods or Goddesses at all in any way. The prayer is always always always in an indirect way. We also dont think of prayer the same as Protestants. For us prayer os more like a medium of communication not always synonomous with worship. And we dont worship statues of mary and them as holy at all. Theyre pieces of art. Literally nothing else. At most they are respected representations.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-18T15:28:56.6318236-05:00
If anything its henothiesm
Stefy says2015-07-19T07:26:21.0856826-05:00
Except it isnt. At all. Thats not even remontly what Catholics believe. Catholics do not believe in worshipping one god outnof several, the saints are not viewed even a little bit close to being gods. Its a monotheistic Christian religion.

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