Does school actually prepare you for the real world?

Posted by: likeanAngel

I just want to find out if school has actually prepared anyone because right now I honestly donĀ“t think it does.

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NO!!! Not at all, never all it does is try to create dependent, uniform dressed clones! Who will probably work in a factory that is slowly killing the environment!

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Yes I think it does, if you take the right classes that is.

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School kills any sense of self-confidence, self-ownership and is a redundant cycle of pointless shit. It makes you believe that it's okay for someone else to own you. School creates drones and ''teaches'' through memorising. School takes a creative child and churns out a drone. The only thing school prepares us for is sitting for 6+ hours doing things you don't like. Which is alot of jobs.

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For the most part no. Uniforms, hall passes, and all the safety guidlines are way to authoritarian for American. The only expection is if you take certain classes.

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I feel like it isn't the school that prepares someone; it's the teachers.

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Ryan_the_Giraffe says2017-05-21T23:52:33.3144377Z
No, The school system trys to shove opinions down your throat and then get the facts, not you finding the facts and making an opinion.
Ahimsa says2017-05-26T23:22:56.6951980Z
This poll is super biased.

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