Does the Cell Theory prove Creationism?

Posted by: Rjupudi18

The Cell Theory states all living things only come from other living things. They do not come from nonliving matter. Evolution teaches that the first living cell came from a nonliving substance therefore disagreeing with the cell theory. The Bible teaches all life originates from a living God therefore affirming the Cell Theory.

  • Yes

  • No

21% 5 votes
79% 19 votes
  • The cell theory says that something cannot come from nothing. That is contradictory to evolution and the big bang because if something can't come out of nothing, then how did the big bang happen?

  • In the scientific community they consider it a controversy. They acknowledge the problem you're talking about. But that is no justification to resort to god of the gaps.

    Posted by: reece
  • If it did, the majority of biologists would be creationists. Oh, right...they all know that the Bible is 100% accurate, but they deny it so that they can go on sinning.

  • cell theory doesnt even come close to being evidence for creation, it points towards evolution instead

  • How would it prove creationism?

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