Does the ESBI cash flow quadrant explain the four ways to earn money well? Yes or No.

Posted by: whatshouldIdo

The ESBI cash flow quadrant was made up by Robert Kiyosaki to show the four different ways to earn money.

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No, it doesn't.

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Yes, it does.

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What is an ESBI cash flow quadrant?

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whatshouldIdo says2015-12-16T23:12:17.6552916Z
You misspelled it, cludwig.
cludwig says2015-12-17T07:02:11.8172067Z
I was aware that I misspelled ESBI it the moment I hit the submit button. It would therefore fall in the typo category rather than the misspelling. Please consider the substance of my words. I believe the items I listed are now the primary method of making money in today's economy. Honesty and hard work only rewards you with high taxes, oppressive and punitive government regulations, and skimming and exploitation at every corner where the average guy would choose to invest his/her money in. Perhaps this is why the labour force participation rate in the U.S. is at its lowest since the 1970's (people are checking out). As those corny bumper stickers say "don't steal, the government hates competition".

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